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A Biden-Harris Administration Will Support Black Women in Business

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It's Election Day 2020! Edda Collins Coleman - co-founder of non-profit organization All In Together - talks about how black women continue to beat all the odds to launch their own businesses and how the Biden-Harris campaign will continue to support.

Edda Collins Coleman talks about black women being resilient despite what they're up against when it comes to owning businesses and how the Biden-Harris campaign will make sure black female business owners have all the tools they need to continue to succeed.  Here's her must read op-ed:


It was Shirley Chisholm who said, “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” Any Black woman in business understands the sentiment of this quote all too well. For generations, we’ve been excluded and counted out. It’s why even though the number of firms owned by Black women has grown by 164% since 2007, we receive less than 2% of all venture capital funding. Our strength comes from our resiliency, and from decades of beating the odds. While they are stacked against us as we battle for survival during this pandemic, what gives me hope is that we will finally get the fair shot we deserve under a Biden-Harris Administration.

The struggle for equality is not over until we all have the same chance to succeed in this country. That’s why I started the All In Together Campaign to give women a space to support each other and work toward the common goal of increasing our role in this country’s democracy. I was born to be an entrepreneur because I’ve always been drawn to the opportunity to carve my own path, but that can be difficult when our representation doesn’t recognize the challenges we face.

That’s where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris come in. The Biden-Harris ticket sees us, acknowledges these challenges, and has laid out a plan to address them. First, they’ll contain this virus, so that we can safely reopen our businesses and get back to work. But then, they’ll build back better for Black women in business.

One of the biggest challenges to Black women looking to start their own businesses is finding access to capital, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a plan to invest in the Black community, and in Black women, in a way we’ve never seen in this country. They’ll give us access to the resources we need to start and grow our businesses by creating $100 billion in loans for Black-owned small businesses. They’ll look to encourage public-private partnerships to help our community access capital, and they’ll stand by our side as we work to change the landscape of the business world.

Vice President Biden has a proven record of standing with Black women in business. He proved it when he and President Obama created the State Small Business Credit Initiative to support small businesses, allowing billions of dollars in new capital to flow into our communities. The Biden-Harris plan will double funding for the program, bringing $30 billion of private investment to small businesses with a focus on businesses owned by women and people of color.

They’ll also make sure the Small Business Administration has tools available to help women, especially women of color, overcome the systemic barriers we’ve faced for too long.

During a historic and challenging economic downturn, our communities are relying on the work of Black entrepreneurs to keep our local economies moving. Black women have been here before, and we’re used to being the backbone of our communities. It’s time for us to have leadership in the White House that not only understands the key role we play in this country’s economy, but will support and empower us to grow that role.

Joe Biden has had our back throughout his career, and it’s time to pick up where the Obama-Biden Administration left off. We need investments in Black women. We need support for Black women. And we need leadership with confidence in Black women. That’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We need them in the White House, and that’s why we must all head to iwillvote.com today, make our plan to vote, and back this historic ticket that will ensure we’re at the table.

Edda Collins Coleman is co-founder of the All In Together Campaign, a nonprofit dedicated to equipping, educating and empowering women to participate fully in America’s civic and political life.



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