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LA Rep. Ted James On Going Viral For Letting Republican Co-Chair HAVE IT, Why It Matters Who Kamala DIDN'T Prosecute & The No B.S. Candidates You Should Elect

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We've got the perfect election day listen as folks make the last run to the polls and await results.


Louisiana Rep. Ted James, who went viral for popping off on his fellow state congressman, talks to YBF about the fall out, what we're missing about Kamala's job as AG, the candidates we SHOULD be voting for this election season, and toxic masculinity.


Louisiana's very own Ted James went viral earlier this year after reading State Rep. Bacala, the Republican co-chair of the Criminal Justice Reform Committee (which Rep. James actually CHAIRS) for absolute filth.  It was a master class in how to stay ready, especially when folks who say one thing in private and serve under you try to do a sneak attack publicly.  Spoiler Alert: It didn't end well for Bacala.

Now, we're finding out what's next for the double HBCU grad attorney turned popular state congressman of East Baton Rouge.  He and Natasha go way back, so they reconnect to chat about ALL the things: A possible future mayoral run, who he says we should be voting for to carry his criminal justice reform torch,

This is James' last few months as a State Rep due to term limits, but in his over 9 years of serving, the 38-year-old has held it down for revising the "police bill of rights", protecting citizens from police injustices like Alton Sterling's killing, getting more investments for HBCUs in his state like his Alma Mater Southern University (which is one of only two universities with a degree program for growing medical marijuana), and more.  He also has an interesting take on Kamala Harris' job as Attorney General of California, saying we're not focusing on the people she chose NOT to prosecute due to her compassion and ability to relate to the systemic racism that led suspected criminals into certain situations.

Rep. James had a serious bout of Covid-19 earlier this year, so he has a first hand perspective on why black people have the highest death rates when it comes to Covid, why it's so mindboggling that people are still partying and at hookah bars, why PWI college football starting back during Covid is problematic for black players, HBCUs not having testing resources so starting sports next spring instead, getting physician turned US Senator Cassidy out of here since he is standing by and allowing Trump to convince Louisiana residents to ignore Covid, and why black doctors are needed at the table for blacks to trust this vaccination process



Rep. James also talks about how having a little girl woke him up to loudly supporting black women candidates.

And, finally, he gives his take on if Tory Lanez shot Meg Thee Stallion. Yes, a whole conversation took place about toxic masculinity he admits he himself is outgrowing.  Gotta love it!

Watch & listen above!

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