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BYE-DEN! Trump Is Out, President-Elect Joe Biden & VP-Elect Kamala Harris Make History & Bold Victory Speeches, & America Is On 100

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It's been a long road, but the Trump presidency is giving very much one term.  And nobody is happier than Americans dancing & celebrating in the streets with impromptu parades, champagne popping and the ultimate turn-up (with masks).  Joe Biden's & Kamala Harris' historic President-Elect and VP-Elect victory speeches and their reactions the moment the election was called, inside.

Get the oxtails ready, Kamala Harris is your first woman Vice President-Elect of the United States, along with the first HBCU grad, first woman of color, first black woman, first Asian woman and first child of immigrants in that position.  The half Jamaican, half East Indian Senator from California definitely burst through that glass ceiling, but made sure to give thanks to the women who poked all the holes in that ceiling before her - from Shirley Chisholm and beyond.


On Saturday night, hours after the media called the election for Biden-Harris after multiple days of waiting until almost 100% of the votes were tallied in the major battleground states, Kamala took the stage for the first time as VP-Elect.  She walked out to Mary J. Blige's "Work That" (her campaign theme song) and rocked a white Carolina Herrera 2021 Resort suit.  And her speech had folks in tears, even from the moment she walked out.  She said:

"I’m thinking about my mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, and the generations of Black women who came before me who believed so deeply in an America where a moment like this is possible."



Kamala, as well as Biden, specifically thanked the black community and black women for having their backs - and that's the first time we've ever heard a Prez/VP ticket do that on a national stage. We were the major force in flipping states like Georgia, Pennsyvania and Arizona blue.

Kamala made it known this moment of many firsts is not lost on her, but while she is the first, she will make sure she is not the last.


Biden told the record breaking 161 million people who voted in this election that he will be the President of all Americans, not just those who voted for him.  Kamala told their supporters specifically, "You delivered a clear message, you chose hope."


President-Elect Biden reflected on his extremely arduous road to get here, a story that no one, no matter your political affiliation - as long as you're a reasonable human, can say doesn't prove he is a wholly empathetic human being who has lived grief and loss most of his life.  So he knows our pain as Americans, and has no reason to turn his back on that.

Securing the election with 270+ electoral college votes on the same day he was sworn in as Senator decades ago is a touching coincidence.  Joe lost his then wife and child in a car crash not long after he was elected, and he was actually sworn in while standing at their bedside.  He told the story of perseverance and faith getting him through, making him a commuter Senator - taking the train to and from DC from Delaware every night so he could be at home with his other children who needed him as a single and widower father.  He also revealed how important healthcare was at that time for him, as he wouldn't have been able to get the care his injured children needed if he didn't have it.  So your healthcare is at the top of his priority list as well.

And also, his faith.  We will have only our second Catholic President in our history, one who actually attends church almost every Sunday as opposed to claiming he's a Christian but not living by that faith daily like the incumbent. Joe says his former run for President didn't pan out for a reason - because God said it wasn't the time.  Suffering a brain aneurysm during brain surgery just days after voluntarily ending his campaign decades ago, something that could have killed him had he remained on the campaign trail, was proof to him that following his faith saved his life. And he promises to lead in that same way - with faith at the helm.


Both Biden and Harris made it known they are hitting the ground running on Monday, forming a Covid -19 Response taskforce (which Biden has lowkey savagely already named the Surgeon General that Trump fired as the head of said taskforce) and a transition team immediately.  Clearly, they aren't waiting for Trump's multiple lawsuits - all of which have been kicked out of the courts almost immediately when filed for not having any merit - to pan out first.

According to the Constitution, a President must be officially named by the electoral college on December 15th, no mater what.  So Trump and his cronies have until then to "come up with evidence of voter fraud", something they said they "need time" to do.  Who actually files lawsuits saying they know there was voter fraud but don't have any proof yet?!  The political theater of it all.



While the GOP - meaning Trump, his sons and Lindsay Graham because the others have already chucked deuces or remained quiet - figures out how to take this L, America is starting the process of healing from not only an abusive 4 year relationship, but from the 400 years of racial and sexist trauma that has been finally brought to the surface. There's a LONG way to go.


The moment Kamala and Joe found out they secured 270+ is one for the books. Check it:


The work begins now, with Senate runoff races in Georgia on deck in January and the black community expecting their demands to be met by the new White House in some way. If the Dems win both of those Senate races, Dems will have tied up the Senate, with the tie breaker vote being served by VP-Elect Kamala Harris. Securing those two seats will limit the power of current Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has already said he will not "allow" cabinet appointments or legislation that are "too progressive." He has no issue with overtly conservative ish though.



Register to vote if you're not already registered - there's upcoming state and local elections on deck in 2021 - and keep up the fabulous work, America!


Photog Credit: Steve Sanchez Photos, Johnny Silvercloud, Jai Agnish, Phil Pasquini/Shutterstock.com, Getty


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