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The Aftermath, Videos Of The Death Of Rapper King Von Has His Rapper Ex-Girlfriend Asian Doll At Odds With His Friends & Family

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Chicago rapper King Von was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta nightclub just before the weekend. Now, the fallout has his friends and ex-girlfriend, rapper Asian Da Brat aka Asian Doll, at odds.  And it's getting extremely messy on social media.  Details inside.

A 22-year-old man has been arrested in the shooting death of 26-year-old Dayvon Bennett, aka King Von, this according to ABC News.  Timothy Leeks faces a felony murder charge in the death of Von, and he himself is currently hospitalized recovering from a gunshot wound as well. We hate to see the constant violence among young rappers.

Three people total are now dead after the shootout Friday morning, and according to the news reports, more charges are expected.  Police have also debunked the narrative that police fire killed Von.  ABC 7 reports:

Two off-duty Atlanta officers were working an extra job at a local hookah lounge when they saw two groups of men arguing with each other outside the establishment around 3:20 a.m. Friday, police said.

Officials said the argument quickly escalated to gunfire between the two groups.

One of the off-duty officers, along with an on-duty APD officer who was patrolling nearby, confronted the shooters and shots were also fired during the encounter with police.

Three people were transported to the hospital by EMS with gunshot wounds, and three others were taken to the hospital in private vehicles. Two additional people were detained on the scene, police said.

Officials confirmed Friday afternoon that three of the people shot died from their injuries, and three others were still being treated at the hospital. The officers involved were not injured, police said.

Rumors surrounding the incident claimed Bennett was killed by police gunfire, but APD officials said their investigators believe the rapper "was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups of males, prior to police responding and attempting to stop the shooting."

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations was requested to respond and investigate the officer-involved shooting aspect of the incident. APD homicide investigators also responded and are investigating the deaths.


Officials said part of the investigations will include determining which individuals were struck by gunfire from the suspects and whether any were struck by gunfire from the officers.

Asian, who had been in a relationship with him recently but seemingly broke up recently as well, despite being together at a club just two weeks prior to the shooting, has been sounding off.  A lot.  She has been posting to her social media nonstop for 3 days straight.  Her recent tweets, however, are pissing off Von's manager and friends.  She accuses the of leaving him to die, and of not helping him when they needed him most:


This video circulating has folks posting their own theories of what happened (Trigger Warning: Video shows chaos and aftermath of shooting):

Quando Rondo is a 19-year-old up and coming rapper signed to Atlantic Records and Never Broke Again labels.  Of course, what Quando Rondo was trying to actually do has not been confirmed. But this video and the reactions, especially from Asian Da Doll who is accusing his friends of allowing Von to get killed, have stirred up even more drama. Why he hopped on IG Live while rushing someone else who was shot in the midst of all this to the hospital, is beyond us:

Then this video of his friends allegedly at his home after his death surfaced:

It's not yet confirmed how this video got out, the timing of it, and if it ACTUALLY shows people taking money and a LV bag out of his car.

Von's manager went off, telling Asian to shut her mouth:


He was shot too though:


And he also posted a tribute to Louie, another member of their squad, who was shot and killed as well.

Asian Doll has been posting nonstop about her and Von's love.  While some fans are telling her to put her phone down and it seems a bit overboard, she continues, and says she feels like she wants to die too.

View this post on Instagram

Always spoke highly of you our relationship wasn’t based off just sex & popularity we was deep innis shit we slept nose to nose we were real life SOULMATES you couldn’t even think of Von without thinking of me I Had this mans best interest since day one we both came from a rough environment seeing how crazy Von lifestyle was it inspired me to change & find peace with God for US I always had spiritual conversations with you I wanted you to kno GOD loves you & your the chosen one & you BELIEVED ME I was becoming a women & your the reason why & that’s some nobody can never take from me I was so proud of you baby but you just make me even prouder words can’t explain ima miss you physically but your forever living through me... King Von & Queen Von 4L P.s the last slide is a throwback y’all had me fucked up lol fr tho now y’all see why I went so hard for my nigga y’all see now huh?

A post shared by Da Rawest (@asiandabrat) on


Von spoke on how he and Asian Doll met and their sexcapades on Lip Service recently:



Von's cousin has also spoken out about his friends:

One of Von's two babies' mothers, Kema, posted a deep, personal statement, also calling him her king.  Their child is barely two, and she says she's "got" his mother.  Asian thanked her for it after she posted it:


View this post on Instagram

Von, baby I’m so lost. I’m Soo sorry, we always get into it say things we don’t mean, get back cool & laugh at it. You know my heart, you know I’ll protect you & my son forever. We moved to Atlanta in 2018 to keep you out of trouble ...... I’m Soo lost, our Son, what do i tell him? You prepped me for this you coached me on what to do if this happened, but I’m not strong enough.... DayVon where you at? I don’t have no mom, no dad, no grandma, no grandpa, no uncles. You said you ain’t going nowhere. We Just lost Granny.. Your mom So strong I got her. We just talked you told me everything was going to get better. We was Broke together & planned everything & things ain’t go as planned but I thought we had more time You made it, you beat the Odds. Your secrets are safe with me Your Forever My King. I’m Broken.

A post shared by Funhouse Collection LLC (@queenkemaaa_____) on


She is an army officer turned paralegal who recently started a clothing boutique.


T.I. chimed in about bringing violence to the A:


Still, celebs are pouring out their hearts about King Von and wishing Asian Doll the best:


R.I.P. to everyone who lost their life in this senseless act of violence.

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