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Rapper Benny The Butcher Gives Recovery Update After Getting Shot In A Houston Walmart Parking Lot

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Rising star Benny The Butcher was shot in Houston over the weekend, but the Roc Nation artist seems to be on the mend.  Thankfully.  Full story inside.

We're certainly glad he's OK, but this could have ended up much differently.

Benny The Butcher – an up-and-coming Griselda Records rapper who's getting plenty of buzz these days after signing with Roc Nation Management – is back on his feet after a scary situation on Saturday.


According to Houston PD, the Buffalo rapper was in a local Walmart parking lot with friends when an alleged attempted robbery on him occurred.  He was shot in the leg with one of the 5 bullets fired by a car full of men who pulled up on them.

TMZ reports:

Houston PD tells TMZ ... the New York rapper was in town Saturday and visiting a local Walmart with a couple friends in tow. While they were in their car in the lot, we're told a car with 5 guys inside pulled up next to them and whipped out guns ... demanding their chains.

Apparently, Benny and co. were moving too slow for the alleged robbers' liking ... and cops say one of the 5 fired a round into Benny's leg, which caused the crooks to flee. We're told Benny and his friends booked it too, but eventually pulled over and called the police.

At the time, it was unclear how Benny was doing.  Now, his cousin and label mate Westside Gunn is giving an update via Instagram - and he seems to be doing well.


He said, "I usually wouldn’t even post this but Buzz went From the hospital to a Private Jet to smoking Butchers Breath with me.... Allahu Akbar #theBUTCHER #GXFR #BSF #BUFFALOKIDS #BabsSon #GODSplan #LEGEND".


Benny has a wife named India he raps about often, and is known for being one of the most authentic fresh-off-the-streets rap dudes in the game:


And he has two daughters he also mentions often:


Even Meek Mill is calling for folks to chill out in these streets with so many people getting shot:




We're just glad this situation didn't end up any worse.


Photo: Benny's IG

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