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Wendy Williams Said - On Air - That Blac Chyna Has Been Asking Her & Others For Help 'Because She Has No Place To Live'

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With friends like these...

Wendy Williams spilled her supposed good friend Blac Chyna's personal tea on the air, revealing she's been hitting up her friends - including Wendy - to help find somewhere to live.  Deets inside.


UPDATE: Chyna has seemingly responded to Wendy's claim by posting video of her home and cars.





A Hot Topic about Tyga and his recent lawsuit accusing him of owing over $30K in back rent and over $140K in physical damages to his recent landlord (yes, again) had Wendy Williams spilling his baby's mother's tea.

As you know, Chyna and Wendy became "friends" during Wendy's tragic divorce drama last year.  Chyna was a guest on "The Wendy Show," then the host and the reality star were going to paparazzi filled dinners and parades and ish and hanging out in the club together. Wendy's spoken about their relationship and how Chyna always texts her about things, like that new man she was dating back in September 2019.

Now, Wendy is revealing what private texts from Chyna have been saying - and Chyna allegedly claims she has nowhere to live.  It's unclear if the Only Fans money isn't doing enough, or if she's just asking for suggestions because something happened with that new house she's been living in for a while now.

While ki-ki'ing about tyga's latest drama, Wendy said toward the end:

"He has a child with Black Chyna, right?" she asked. "I told you Blac Chyna texts me regularly 'Can you help me find a condo I have no place to live. Maybe she sent a blast to everyone she knows because it didn't say, like 'Dear Wendy,'' she clarified.

She aso said, "I didn't answer it ... I don't want to be involved."



Could Chyna simply be asking for referrals or suggestions of "hot places" to live?  Possibly.  But seeing that Wendy made this statement during a segment about Tyga's troubled finances and inability to pay his rent, it seems that she's implying that Chyna is asking due to financial strain. And it doesn't help that Chyna's legal filings - accusing Tyga and Rob Kardashian - the fathers of her children - of not paying their child support - were also mentioned during this segment.

Either way, Chyna was ready to put hands on Wendy back in 2016 when Wendy was talking ish about her life then.  And Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni was making similar threats as recently as July 2019. 


So we may be hearing from both of them again soon....



Photog: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock.com, Wendy's IG

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