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Michael B. Jordan Is PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive, And, Yes

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Michael B. Jordan is officially the Sexiest Man Alive, and um, YES.  Get into his PEOPLE magazine cover crowning him king of fineness and what he says about his new throne.

Not many will disagree that Michael B. Jordan is fine AF (even though we have peeped some of y'all that "don't see it for him", or whatever).  So it's no surprise that People magazine has realized it too.

The 33-year-old Creed and Black Panther star says "the women in his family are definitely proud of this one", and we can see why:


Michael posted the cover as well saying, "My grandma lookin down talkin bout “that’s my baby” Thanks @People for naming me 2020’s #SexiestManAlive! Order a copy!".

We wonder what his rumored boo thing thinks.

Next up for Michael (besides another Creed installment) is him leading a Tom Clancey series as a former Navy SEAL-turned-CIA operative in the flick Without Remorse.  He says he also hopes "to be maybe directing a little more, acting less, producing a lot more" soon.

He told the mag about his future goals:

"Just growing, whatever the next evolution of me is," he says. "Hopefully a family by then, I’m going to throw that in the universe. I want to make an impact all over the world and not just through the roles that I play."


He gushed about the ladies in his fam saying, "When my grandmother was alive, it was something that she collected, and then my mom naturally reads it a lot and my aunts as well. This is one that they’re definitely going to have a special place for."

Michael's a big supporter of making sure inclusivity is top of mind in his own projects, and also has been on the front lines of protests during this lock down.  He says he's been trying to ignore the controversy that comes from it though:

"You could have all the good intentions in the world, and you’ll still get controversy or some type of negativity thrown your way," he says. "Sometimes you’ve just got to trust the universe, you know? You’ve got to just believe in yourself and do what you feel is really right. I think that adds up."


Michael hit up Jimmy Kimmel last night in a hazmat suit to announce his big news:


And you can check out his whole video interview below:

He dishes more on his mom, love for anime (maybe THIS is why he and Meg Thee Stallion hit it off?), and snacks over on PEOPLE.


Photo: taniavolobueva/Shutterstock.com

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