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G Herbo & Manager Indicted In Connection To Elaborate Fraud Scheme, Group Accused Of Using Stolen IDs For Designer Dogs, Private Jets & Lavish Cars & Trips! GF Reportedly Involved

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The feds have indicted Chicago rapper G Herbo, accusing him of being involved in an elaborate fraud scheme where he used stolen IDs to get access to designer dogs, private jets and lavish trips. One report reveals his girlfriend was also allegedly involved. Deets inside…




Rapper G Herbo has reportedly surrendered to authorities in L.A., according to TMZ's federal law enforcement sources.


Chicago rapper G Herbo (real name Herbert Wright III) has found himself in federal trouble right before Christmas.

The PTSD rapper and four of his associates are being accused of using fake IDs, driver’s licenses and email account to scam and scheme people and businesses out of money. Herbo and his associates Antonio "T-Glo" Strong (Herbo's manager), Joseph "Joe Rodeo" Williams, Steven Hayes, and Demario Sorrells are named in the 14-count indictment.

According to AllHipHop, Herbo’s girlfriend (who was unamed) was also mentioned in the indictment, but was not brought up on any charges. He has been dating Taina Williams (daughter of Emily B & and step-daughter to Fabolous) for almost two years.  And dated Ari Fletcher before that, with whom he shares has 3-year-old son, Yoshon.  It's unclear which girlfriend the site is referencing.

The indictment was filed Wednesday (Dec. 2) in U.S. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts.

According to a report in The Chicago Sun-Times, the elaborate scheme started in 2016 when Herbo and his co-defendants started using “dark web" sites to get access to steal identities by getting credit card numbers. Once they gained access to the info, they would allegedly send each other the credit card numbers through text, social media emails, and their cellphones.

“Generally, because the defendants and their co-conspirators provided authentic payment card information, the defrauded businesses and individuals successfully processed their transactions and provided the goods and services,” the indictment states.

Herbo and his crew allegedly scheduled private jets, yachts, exotic cars, and even booked their own private chefs. They also hired security guard services, rented limos, paid for commercial airline flights, bought food, and even ordered two designer puppies using his official Instagram account.

Yep, designer puppies. 

This video was taped 3 years ago, where he shows off a then "new puppy" named Prince.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

In November 2017, Strong, using the name “Darren Geiger” and identifying himself as Wright’s manager, called an unidentified pet company in Michigan to order “two designer puppies” for Wright using a stolen credit card, according to the charges.

The pet company appeared to be suspicious and asked for Wright to confirm the order by messaging it directly from his Instagram account, the indictment alleged. Strong allegedly sent a text to Wright saying, “Hurry just message that b---- hello.”

The indictment alleged Wright did what he was told. The company representative messaged Wright back on Instagram, asking, “You are getting 2 puppies correct?” Wright then confirmed the order, according to the charges.


In July 2017, Herbo and his homies allegedly booked a private villa in Jamaica and stayed at a lavish resort. In March 2017, he booked a private jet from Chicago to Austin, Texas to attend SXSW.


Herbo and his homies also reportedly rented a wide variety of luxury cars, including a Bentley CGTC, and a Maybach 600 from Enterprise Rent-A-Car so they can flex on the 'Gram.

Herbo's management released a statement about the charges and said G Herbo maintains his innocence:

It's unclear what Herbo will say in his defense - possibly that he didn't know what his manager was doing and didn't know stolen debit cards were how things were being paid for.  But when it's your business and your brand, and you call yourself a boss, those are things you have to know and legally are responsible for knowing.  You also should know what's being charged or not charged to your accounts in your or your business' name.  If you didn't see these charges come up, then, it's time to start asking some questions.

The Chicago rapper and his homies could be facing decades in prison. Sheesh!  This year has been exposing all the scammers.


Photo: Herbo's IG

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