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Nancy Pelosi Wins Tight Race To Be Reelected House Speaker After Her & Mitch McConnell’s Homes Were Vandalized With Graffiti Demanding More Stimulus Money

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Nancy Pelosi narrowly wins a tight race to become House Speaker again, making the 80-year-old the only woman to ever serve as speaker. More inside….

It was close! But, Nancy Pelosi remains House Speaker.

The House of Representatives narrowly chose Nancy Pelosi as Speaker with 216 votes, which gives the California Democrat a fourth term. It’ll likely be her final.

The 80-year-old is the only woman to ever serve as House Speaker. According to CNN, Pelosi is the third speaker in the last 25 years to win with less than 218 votes. Five Democrats voted against Pelosi, choosing alternative candidates or "present."



After being reelected, Pelosi declared the "most urgent priority" of the 117th Congress will be defeating the COVID-19 pandemic.



"Two weeks ago, we passed an emergency relief package to crush the virus and put money in the pockets of workers and families, which is now the law. But we must do more to recognize our heroes," she said Sunday. "Indeed, the pandemic has pulled back the curtain on even worsened disparities in our economy and our society. We must pursue justice: economic justice, justice in health, racial justice, environmental and climate justice."



In other news…



A week after Americans learned they wouldn’t be pocketing $2,000 via the COVID-19 stimulus payment, the homes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were vandalized with graffiti messages on New Year’s Day. And folks let them know exactly how they felt about not getting the $2,000 COVID relief funds.

Vandalizers wrote “WERES MY MONEY” and “MITCH KILLS THE POOR” on his Kentucky home. Meanwhile, criminals wrote “CANCEL RENT!” and “WE WANT EVERYTHING” on Pelosi’s San Francisco home. Not only that, police said a severed pig’s head and fake blood was left outside of Pelosi’s home. Peep the pics above and below.



It’s reported Pelosi wasn’t home and it’s unclear if McConnell was home at time their homes were vandalized.

2021 looks likes it’s going to be doozy already…

Photo: Alexandros Michailidis/Shutterstock.com

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