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Saweetie Serves Up Sweet, Sarcastic Shade After Ceraadi Accused Her & Doja Cat Of Stealing ‘BFF/Best Friend’ Video Concept

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Before Saweetie could officially release her “Best Friend” video that features Doja Cat, Roc Nation group Ceraadi called her out over conceptual similarities. See the comparison and tell us what you think inside….

Saweetie’s new song “Best Friend” featuring Doja Cat is bringing even more drama.

Last month, Saweetie called out her label – Warner Records – for prematurely releasing “Best Friend” to streaming services before she could do the roll-out she created for it.

A day before the official release of the visuals, more drama behind the track was stirred up on social media.

Roc Nation duo Ceraadi – sisters Emaza and Saiyr Gibson – called out Saweetie for similar conceptual ideas between their “BFF” video and Saweetie’s “Best Friend” video. Ceraadi dropped their “BFF” visuals four months ago and Saweetie’s visuals officially dropped this evening.


In an Instagram post, Ceraadi shared comparison pictures and videos, captioning it with emojis and tagging Saweetie & Doja. In one of the screenshots posted, Ceraadi noted the lyrics to Saweetie’s song and the beat is similar to their track.

The duo also retweeted tweets on Twitter where fans also said the songs are similar.

Well the ICY GRL saw Ceraadi’s tag, so she hopped in her comments with some savagely sweet and sarcastic shade.

“Omg we’ll totallyyyy add you in the credz! MY IDOLS," Saweete responded. Oop!

Swipe through their post below:



Saweetie's ICY gang had her back:

Both videos give Thelma & Louise vibes. These young artists probably never even heard of them. Check out Saweetie's "Best Friend" featuring Doja Cat & Ceraadi's "BFF" videos below and tell us what you think:

Photos: Blair Caldwell/Warner Records

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