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Fans Speculate Something Shady Is Going On Involving The Robbery Of Diddy's LA Home - Where Kim Porter Lived

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One of Diddy’s LA homes – the one Kim Porter lived in before she died – was robbed. And now, fans are speculating if something shady is going on behind-the-scenes. More inside….

2020 was seemingly THE year of entertainers getting robbed. And the trend has carried on over into 2021.

The LA home Diddy owns where his late child’s mother, Kim Porter, died was robbed! Burglars reportedly triggered the security system by opening a side door to enter the Hip Hop mogul’s Toluca Lake home. TMZ reports a caretaker of the home discovered the break-in and that person confirmed someone had rummaged through the home.

As of now, it’s unclear what was stolen (if anything). The report said “someone from Diddy’s family” (we’re aren’t sure why they didn’t include him) will have to take a look to see if anything is missing.

In November 2018, Kim Porter was found dead inside of the home. The 47-year-old model was a mom of four, three of which she shared with Diddy. It’s reported Kim’s died after suffering from lobar pneumonia.

Since her death, rumors about laptops previously being stolen from her home have been circulating. It’s alleged she was writing a tell-all book that would have EXPOSED Diddy.

With Kim’s home being robbed, fans are back speculating what’s REALLY going on?

A YouTuber claims to have spoken to someone with details about Kim & Diddy’s relationship. This unconfirmed source told the YouTuber that there’s something in the house that a friend of Kim’s is trying to get to and that there has been information stashed in that home in regard to her alleged tell-all book that she was supposedly going to publish. He said before Kim passed away, she gave her friend instructions on where to find this information in the home. So what is is? He said it’s supposed to be a recording.

The YouTuber said he asked the source if there was something in the home that Diddy wanted, couldn’t he just go retrieve it himself since he’s the owner of the home? He said the source told him maybe he could or maybe he can’t. The YouTuber speculates the “friend” of Kim’s could have broke into the home as a “cover up” to get the information and since rappers’ homes are getting robbed, it could be a cover up.

You can take a listen below:

Since there is a trend of celebs getting robbed in LA, it could have just been some burglars who had been scoping the home since Diddy isn’t there much. You’ll recall, Dr. Dre’s mansion was broken into hours after news broke that he was in the hospital. He suffered a brain aneurysm last week.

Time will tell…

Photos: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com

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