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Cam Newton Handles Disrespectful Teen Heckler Better Than Most Of Us, Teen Apologizes + Celebs Praise Cam For Keeping His Cool

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The kid wanted attention and he got it! Cam Newton displayed more patience and self-restraint than most of us in a viral video where a teenager at a football camp heckled him. After going viral, the NFL QB reacted to the drama in the most respectful way. Meanwhile, the teen saw the error is his ways and has apologized.

Watch the viral clips of Cam’s youth football run-in, plus reactions from celebrities inside…

Imagine being a teenage football player and an NFL quarterback stops by your game and you choose violence. That’s what one teenager did when he got up close to NFL quarterback Cam Newton but he ended up learning a valuable lesson that went viral for the world to see.

Over the weekend, the New England Patriots quarterback hit up the NFA 7v7 East Regional held at Myrtle, Beach South Carolina to check out the young players do their thing on the field.

While on the field, a teenager began heckling the QB, who is nearing free agency. Apparently, the teen thought Cam was about to become “poor” because he’s nearing free agency – even though that’s not how it works. The child also called him an “a**.”

"I'm rich," Cam responded. “Where’s your daddy at? Where’s your dad? Let me talk to your dad. I’m not talking to a little boy. Where’s your dad? Where’s your pop?”

Watch the viral exchange below:



This child has a ton of audacity and disrespect! We wonder if he was trying to go viral since that seems to be a "goal" with kids these days.

After the clip made its rounds on social media, the NFL QB released a follow-up video of the aftermath where he addressed the teen heckler calmly to gain understanding as to why he was doing the most.



In the caption, Cam explained why he took the high road and added he does everything he can to help kids at events like these.

We know you all hate the font he uses, so here’s what he wrote in the caption:

"What you didn’t see,” he wrote in the caption of a video of himself talking to the young man.

”I see there are a lot of things festering out there that I see took place over the weekend. To the natural eye, you see me asking the young man, ‘Where is your dad at?’ But to me, talking to a child with everyone looking does me no good! So instead of speaking or going back and forth with a child, I wanted to have a man-to-man conversation with his father.

"With that being said, when I attend tournaments all across the country with my All-Star team, I have given my time, my energy, and my expertise to these kids coming into our program for over 11 years and that is not what people want to hear or even want to see. People want to see me arguing with another young man and to see me ‘get in my feelings.’ But the truth is this: I impact kids lives in a positive way. Make no mistake about it. I allow kids to realize there is an ‘out’ by using their football talents to get them to the next level and in most cases, out of the hood!

"So with that being said, have yourself an unbelievable rest of your day."

Watch the clip above.

Professional athletes, journalists and more reacted to the viral video, giving Cam props for handling the situation better than most. Many of them felt Cam should have had the boy removed from the event for being disrespectful. Peep reactions from Dwyane Wade, Dez Bryant, Jemele Hill and more below:



















The teen heckler has been identified as Perkiomen Valley HS's Jseth Owens, who is a junior linebacker and wide receiver.

Last night, he hopped on Twitter to issue a public apology for his actions and hopes he can be forgiven.



"I did not intend for it to get as far as it did!" he explained. "As a football player, I let my competitive side get the best of me & it was a huge miscommunication. It was in the midst of the moment & I realize now how a lot of you took it as disrespect."

"I apologize & hope I can be forgiven,” he concluded.





These kids better learn how to put some RESPECK on people’s names. We’re glad Cam handled the situation with grace because – again – he did better than most.

By the way, Cam Newton is set to be a free agent in 2021 after a rocky year with the Patriots. Which team would you like to see pick him up?

Photo: lev radin/Shutterstock.com

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