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Forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama Opens Up About How She Coped With ‘Low Grade Depression’

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Forever First Lady Michelle Obama drops new gems during an interview with late night talk show host Stephen Colbert where she opens up about her battle with “low grade depression” during the pandemic. More inside…

One thing about our Forever First Lady Michelle Obama – she’s going to bless us with some gems to help us navigate life.

Mrs. Obama recently appeared on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” where she opened about her own struggle with depression. Not that we find any joy in Lady O experiencing depression, but it does help to know that she’s going through the same feelings and emotions we’re all going through as we try to figure out our new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“This is a part of life,” Mrs. Obama said. “Nobody rides life on a high, and I think it’s important for young people to know that you know it’s like, no, you’re not going to feel great all the time.”

Mrs. Obama said she protects her peace by turning off “the noise that is upsetting.” She said she had to stop reading all of the feeds that are fueling her anxiety. And she mentioned she did this while serving as First Lady.

“I pull back from it. I surround myself with things that make me feel good: Family, friends, walks, exercise. So when I talk to my kids about that, I try to urge them to understand that the valleys are temporary and so are the peaks. They can be temporary. And they have to be prepared to handle the highs and the lows," she said.

The Harvard Law School graduate explained how when she showers and gets dressed for the day, it helped with her having a better mood overall.

“Having a schedule, even in quarantine, was something that I did. I woke up, I took a shower, I worked out, I got dressed every day,” Obama said. “There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t do that, because it’s just the doing that gets you out of the funk.

“I find that if I spend the whole day in a sour mood, lights out in the bed, the next day I’ll feel the same way,” she added. “But if I get up and I shower ... something might happen in the course of me doing something that really knocks me into a positive place. So I try to fight the tendency to sort of wallow in my low," she said. “Don’t wallow in your low, Stephen.”


Peep the clip below:

And she’s right. Life will definitely take you through ups and downs where you can learn how to appreciate the highs and how to push through the lows.

Mrs. O dropped some relationship gems for young couples:

Our generous queen talked about how she doesn’t have any plans on slowing down on her philanthropic efforts:

Does the Chi-town native prefer deep dish or thin crust pizza?

The 57-year-old fly chick also played Stephen in Wastepaper Basketball:


Check out more clips from her interview below:

Love her!

Photo: EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics/Shutterstock.com

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