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Girl, WHET?! Fans Believe Hazel-E Called Out Cardi B For 'Copying' Her Daughter's Princess Themed Party

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Hazel-E hopped on Instagram to vent about someone "copying" her daughter's princess-themed birthday party. And fans believe that someone is Cardi B. More inside...

Hazel-E wants the masses to know she's the first "rapper" to throw her daughter a princess-themed party for her birthday. Rapper? Yeah, we were a bit confused with that title, but if sis claims she's a rapper, then who are we to say she's not.

Apparently, the former "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star felt a way after seeing pictures Cardi B posted from her daughter Kulture's 3rd birthday bash. Cardi and Offset threw a lavish a princess-themed party complete with a horse and carriage, ballgowns, and real life princesses.


Well, the former reality star compared Cardi's pics to pics from her daughter Ava's party and decided to post a few subliminal shots at the "UP" rapper.

The former "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star and her fiancé De'Von Waller welcomed their daughter into the world last year and they threw her a princess-themed birthday party to celebrate her first birthday last month.

On IG Stories, Hazel shared images from her daughter's party with shade-filled captions, suggesting the "Be Careful" rapper is a "fan" of hers.

"It's the originality for me," Hazel wrote. "It was only 3 weeks ago damn!," she wrote in another post. Of course, Bardi Gang started reacting. Then, she posted, "I didn't even say no names must be the same [smiling with sunglasses emoji]."

"I was the first rapper to do it. In my @souljaboy voice," Hazel continued.

Check it:


As most of us know, princess parties are SUPER common and have been a "thing" for ages, so we're not sure why she felt someone was "copying" her when it comes to a princess party. But, yeah.

Hazel is doubling down on what she said and doesn't care who doesn't like it.

"I said what I said. Opinions are like ass holes everyone has one," she wrote. How everyone so bothered by the truth. And y'all say I'm dillusional [sic]. Delusional I phone spell correct even tight with me," she wrote. "But you know who ain't??? Jesus Christ Only one who I bow too. I fear no man. I'll pray for all y'all lil devils. 'No weapon formed against me shall prosper.'"

Well alright.

Peep more pics from Kulture's birthday bash below:



Photos: Hazel's IG/Cardi's IG

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