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AFTER THE APOLOGY: Dua Lipa, Elton John, Demi Lovato, Da Baby's Sponsor BooHoo Man & The Masses Blast His 'Homophobic Speech' & Problematic STD 'Call To Action'

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This guy...


Da Baby just lost a sponsorship and got read for filth by Sir Elton John (and many others) after his controversial comments at Rolling Loud causing folks to label him homophobic and problematic.  And you already know his non-apology is a mess.  More below.

A few nights ago at Rolling Loud in Miami Gardens, rapper Da Baby took over the stage and caused mayhem afterwards. First, people were livid about him clearly disrespecting Megan Thee Stallion (again), who also performed at Rolling Loud, by bringing out Tory Lanez after performing his and Meg's song together. (He later called women b---es for holding him accountable for the messiness).

Then, ish went from bad to worse:


The "Suge" rapper decided that the best way to interact with his fans was to tell them to put their lighters in the air if they weren't a guy sucking d--k in the parking lot before the show.  And to put their phones in the air if they don't have HIV/AIDS or "any of those diseases that kill you in 2 weeks."  AND to put your phones in the air if you're a woman whose p---y smells like water.


Twitter - non celebs at first - lit him right on up. Black people, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and more had plenty to say about his problematic comments that - regardless of his intention - felt like he was conflating the gay community with HIV AIDS.  Specifically praising men who didn't engage in a sexual act with another man is also....weird.  And unnecessary.

T.I., non-shockingly, decided to cartwheel over to defense.  TIP equated his comments (and his on stage sexualized acts that no one said a peep about but had ALL the smoke for Megan and Cardi's WAP which was nowhere near this) to Lil Nas' X's songs. He commented that if LNX was able to pop his ish, Da Baby should be able to as well.



It's the false equivalency for us. When T.I. is riding for you, you may want to re-think your commentary.

After MANY people went in on him, Da Baby doubled down on his comments while calling people b*tches and n-words for their responses. He claimed "his gay fans are cool with it" because "one gay fan in a crop top was vibing with him".

In the video above, he also said his gay fans don’t have AIDS "because they’re not nasty" like that.  He made no mention of or allusion to individuals who have contracted STDs through no fault of their own - such as at birth, sexual assault and rape, people in marriages where one person broke an agreed upon vow of monogamy, etc. Yet and still, regardless of "fault", otherizing and shaming people with any type of  disease, issue or ailment is 100% problematic. Period.

One can encourage safety without shaming an entire sector of people.  If you're not intelligent enough to know how to do that, then shutting TF up is always an option.

His tone began to semi-change when Dua Lipa, whom he collabed with recently, spoke out saying she was "horrified".  (Of course.) Singer Victoria Monet also offered up her services to replace Da Baby on his and Dua's "Levitating" remix.




His response was more civil, of course, but still a mess.  And still no apology to Megan or women:




He was likely speaking about the BooHoo Man brand, who condemned Da Baby's comments and ended their relationship. Baby was the face and collaborative partner of their brand new collection:

TS Madison had some questions too:


"Love & Hip Hop" star Bobby Lytes also went off.

Demi Lovato, who recently came out, had plenty to say as well, and told people to stream the original version of Dua's "Levitating":



Now, Sir Elton John has entered the chat.




Y'all know Twitter had jokes:




Still, Baby is posting as if he's unbothered and "fighting the system" or whatever:



He also joked about having a shoe thrown at him:

He can make light all day, and we def wouldn't be shocked if people who are equally problematic with disregarding hateful sentiments from rappers continued to book him, but the fact remains:


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