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The LOX Receives Key To City Of Yonkers, Styles P Continues To Renovate Parks With State-of-the-Art Fitness Spaces

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Legendary rap group The Lox was honored with the keys to their hometown - the city of Yonkers. Styles P has been working hard to renovate parks in the city and he just putting the finishing touches on another park in his hometown that includes a state-of-the-art fitness space. Get it all inside...


A trailblazing Hip Hop group is receiving its flowers.

After an epic VERZUZ Battle against Dipset, The Lox has even more to celebrate.

Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch were honored with the keys to the city of Yonkers, their hometown. The group was presented the honor for their work in making the city of Yonkers a better place to live.



“@cityofyonkers @mayormikespano we are honored, humbled and appreciative to have the keys to the city,” Styles P captioned a video of himself and his bandmates as they showed their appreciation. “@sheeklouch @jadakiss @juicesforlife @farmacyforlife and myself will keep in mind and always remember the people are the true keys to the city! We will do what’s necessary to make it a healthier, safer, vibrant city for those coming after us...and will push to make it happen in other cities as well.”

“We just want to say thank you,” he said. “Love is love. To the people of Yonkers, the mayor of Yonkers, we will be receiving the key to the city. Super dope, love is love.”



The "Money, Power & Respect" artists announced they will continue remodeling and rebuilding up parks throughout the city. The parks will include state-of-the-art fitness stations for all residents to go out and practice healthy living.

“Even doper than that, we’re opening up a revised third park, a third workout station in Yonkers for people, kids, grownups, women and children to have family activities and keep focusing on your health,” he said. “Make our city a better place to live, it’s an easier way for the kids. You don’t have to get a felony, get in trouble, just work out and be healthy, and try to go the right way. That’s what we’re here for. Yonkers strong!”

The LOX was honored with the key to the city Friday afternoon (August 6th) alongside the unveiling of new fitness equipment and the renovated park. Watch it go down below:



Styles P reflected on all of the hard work he has and his bandmates have put in to make their hometown a better place for the next generation.

"@thelox .... honored to have the KEY TO THE CITY !!!!!! Another park with another workout station up and running in the inner city of Yonkers .. we have accomplished a lot and have a lot more to accomplish!!," he captioned. "But working together we will most certainly get it done . The key to this whole thing is making a Better and brighter future for the youth !!! They are the true keys to city !!! Love is love from @juicesforlife @farmacyforlife !!"

GOATED. This is what we love to see. Congrats to the Hip Hop Legends!

Photo: Styles P's IG


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