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NBA Star PJ Washington Calls CAP On The Rumored Divorce & $200K/Month Child Support To Brittany Renner

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NBA baller Paul "PJ" Washington is seemingly responding to the rumors that he's paying his now-ex Brittany Renner $200,00 a month in child support. He posted a subliminal tweet that's seemingly addressing what's being said on social media about his relationship with his son's mother.

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Social media was in a frenzy after a rumor about NBA baller Paul "PJ" Washington & and son's mother Brittany Renner started to gain traction.

Word on the curb was that the Charlotte Hornets player and his IG model wife girlfriend broke up and that he was being forced to pay her $200,000 a month in child support. Not only that, there were rumors that Brittany was his wife and that she secretly divorced him two weeks after giving birth to their son. There weren't any credible sources and there weren't any legal documents presented that showed they had a pending divorce or that they were involved in a custody case. Several media outlets reported the news as facts, but most of the links to the "story" are dead links now.

While PJ and Britany seemed to have a tiff recently, unfollowing each other and deleting pics of each other, it changed within 24 hours with them re-following each other and posting live vids with each other on IG Stories.

Rumor or not, that didn't stop the Internet trolls. They were lighting him up with jokes about getting played by Brittany (due to her past) and he was trending as "Pray for PJ Washington" on Twitter.

The online chatter must have gotten back to the NBA player because he posted up a not-so subtle subliminal amid the unconfirmed child support rumors.

"Stop the cap," he wrote on Twitter.

A few days ago, he shared this word of advice:

"When people show you who they are believe them," he tweeted.

And his disdain for liars:



It wasn't long ago the 22-year-old athlete and 29-year-old model were all smiles after welcoming their son. They announced they were having a baby in March and then revealed they welcomed a baby boy in June.



"I can’t play with my creation, give the world to my lil boy," PJ captioned a family flick of himself, Brittany and their baby.

"In a whole different mode," Brittany captioned her photos.

When the couple shared they were expecting, folks had PLENTY to say about it, mainly because of her past. You may remember when Brittany made headlines in 2018 after spilling tea in a tell-all book that details her alleged sexual relationship with Colin Kaepernick and several other celebrities.

Her book, "Judge This Cover," details her alleged sexcapades with seven celebrities. She used code names in the book, however, Twitter seemingly decoded the code names and connected a few celebrity men with whom she's referring to in the book, which include Trey Songz, Drake, Tyga, Chris Brown, Lil Uzi Vert and Casey Therriault.

Folks were going in on PJ as the rumor circulated more online:


Currently, PJ is still under his rookie deal where he reportedly raked in a cool $7.8 million so far. He's slated to bring in $14 milli over the next two seasons.

No word from Brittany...yet.

Photo: Brittany's IG

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