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'Shut The F*** Up' Joshua Jackson Responds To 'Racist & Misogynist' Backlash After He Revealed Jodie Turner-Smith Proposed To Him

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Anyone who has a problem with the fact Jodie Turner Smith proposed to her husband Joshua Jackson can "shut the f*** up." His words, not ours. Read his full reaction to the backlash he and his wife received after he revealed she proposed to him inside...

Joshua Jackson is NOT here for social media trolls attacking his wife, Jodie Turner-Smith.

Last month, the "Dawson's Creek" alum revealed the Queen & Slim star was the one who popped the question. And the Internet had plenty to say about it. Trolls went to Jodie's IG account to leave negative comments about her asking for her man's hand in marriage.

"I accidentally threw my wife under the bus because that story was told quickly and it didn't give the full context and holy Jesus, the internet is racist and misogynist," he said. “For anybody who is freaked out by a woman claiming her own space, shut the f*** up,” he said in a recent interview with Refinery29.

He continued, "Good God, you cannot believe the things people were leaving my wife on Instagram. She did it. I said ‘yes.’ We're happy. That's it. That's all you need to know."

The "Little Fires Everywhere" star said the backlash taught him a valuable lesson.

"That has been a real education for me as a white man, truly. The way people get in her comments and the ignorance and ugliness that comes her way is truly shocking. And it has been a necessary, but an unpleasant education in just the way people relate to Black bodies in general, but Black female bodies in specific. It is not okay. We have a long way to go."

"The Affair" actor shared more details about the proposal. He said he later proposed to the 34-year-old actress while they were in Nicaragua.

"So yes, we were in Nicaragua on a beautiful moonlit night, it could not possibly have been more romantic. And yes, my wife did propose to me and yes, I did say yes, but what I didn't say in that interview was there was a caveat, which is that I'm still old school enough that I said, 'This is a yes, but you have to give me the opportunity [to do it too].' She has a biological father and a stepdad, who's the man who raised her. [I said], ‘You have to give me the opportunity to ask both of those men for your hand in marriage.’ And then, ‘I would like the opportunity to re-propose those to you and do it the old fashioned way down on bended knee.’ So, that's actually how the story ended up."

And there you have it.

Now, Jodie limits her comments to verified users and people she follows. Thankfully.

You can read more of Joshua's interview here.

Jodie and Joshua tied the knot in 2019 after fueling dating rumors a year before.

In November 2019, the couple seemingly put their relationship on front street when they appeared on the red carpet at the Queen & Slim premiere together. TheYBF.com put Jodie on Preggers Watch and a few weeks later it was confirmed she was pregnant with their first child.

The couple welcomed a baby girl in April 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. They decided to welcome their daughter, Janie, at home due to the high death rate of Black women during child birth. Previously, Jodie and Joshua said they were considering to raise their children outside of the U.S. due to white supremacy.

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