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'RHOP' EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Wendy Osefo Warns Gizelle Bryant To Stop Repeating Cheating Rumors About Her Husband Eddie, HEAVY On The 'Warns'

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Whew.  Zen Wen takes a back seat to Dr. Wendy With The Reads on the next epsode of "Real Housewives of Potomac".  Ish gets very tense when Wendy warned Gizelle Bryant about playing with her husband Eddie's name and those cheating rumors.  We've got an exclusive sneak peek inside.

Wendy Osefo has been zen'd out and snatched all the way up thanks to her full body makeover and new focus on other areas of her life outside of academia.  But apparently, one mention of her husband Eddie in a negative light and chick is right back to reading for filth. And can we really blame her?

On the upcoming episode of "RHOP," Wendy, Karen & Askale have made the journey from the Cottage over to the Estate to have a ponderosa, and things go left quickly.

New-mom-again Ashley Darby arrived to the cast trip in Williamsburg, VA fresh off the delivery room table with some tea.  She tells Wendy that after a convo with Gizelle, she's learned that Eddie Osefo is embroiled in alleged cheating rumors on certain blogs.  Gizelle and other cast members had been speaking low key about whether the rumors had anything to do with Wendy's complete change in attitude and appearance lately.  Gizelle actually asked the girls last episode if Wendy was possibly overcompensating for the rumors - true or not.

Of course, Wendy now wants to have words with Gizelle for bringing up the rumors on camera, and that brings us to the upcoming episode's big blow up.  Wendy INTENSELY warns Gizelle about "coming for her husband's name," and Gizelle couldn't sip her drink any harder.

Watch below:


Chile, Sunday night can't come quickly enough.


Photo: Bravo TV

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