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Kanye West's Long-Awaited DONDA Breaks All The Streaming Records, Ye's Pissed Universal Dropped The Album Without His Approval

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Kanye West's long-awaited DONDA album was finally (and unexpectedly) released over the weekend and 'Ye isn't too happy about it. On the flip side, DONDA is dominating the streaming charts on Apple Music and Spotify.

Also, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy called out 'Ye following DONDA's release. The reason? Find out inside...

Kanye West's DONDA album was finally released after several delays. However, 'Ye isn't happy about it.


Yeezy fans were ecstatic to find out Kanye's DONDA album was finally released. However, hours after DONDA hit streaming services, 'Ye took to social media to inform his fans the musical offering was released WITHOUT his approval.

"Universal put my album out without my approval and they blocked Jail 2 from being on the album,” the Chi-town rapper wrote on Instagram.

Universal doubled down on the promo too, sending out an email blast to media this weekend with simply DONDA written on a white background and a link to the album.

Remember all that hoopla about Kanye taking Jay-Z off of a track? Well, he didn't. Hov's verse on "Jail" is still on the album. However a track titled "Jail Pt. 2" was also supposed to be included on the LP. The 2nd track features DaBaby and Marilyn Manson, hence why 'Ye brought the two controversial entertainers out during his third and final listening party in his hometown of Chicago last week.

While his stans rejoice and claim he’s the second coming while listening, the Jesus Is King rapper posted a text convo he had with his manager Abou "Bu" Thiam (formerly Def Jam's vice president of A&R) about DaBaby where he accuses DaBaby's manager of not clearing "Jail Pt. 2."

“DaBaby’s manager isn’t clearing ‘Jail,’” Bu said. “So we won’t be able to upload unless we take him off.”

'Ye asked why and Bu responded, “I don’t know. And neither is answering there [sic] phone.”

“I’m not taking my brother off,” Kanye responded. “He was the only person who said he would vote for me in public.”


Meanwhile, DaBaby's manager, Arnold Taylor, claims that's "cap" (a lie).

"This is CAP, I woke up this morning to this social media bullshit. I never got a call or email from @kanyewest @__bu @johnmonopoly I just received it today and Cleared it in 2 seconds," he wrote on Instagram. "Why wouldn’t I want a hit song out when #SCMG is all about the growth and culture of hip hop and my artist!!! To all of the media blogs and outlets don’t believe everything you see in a post, thank you!!! #SCMGShit"

It's unclear how the final clearance came about, but "Jail Pt. 2" featuring DaBaby has now been added to the DONDA tracklisting.


'Ye's DONDA album (his 10th studio album) is dominating the music charts. So far, DONDA is Apple Music's top album in 130 countries, which is the most #1 entries in streaming history.

DONDA tracks occupy the Top 10 on the U.S. Spotify chart today with 25 songs from the album charting in the Top 40. The musical offering has made history as as the album to hit #1 in the MOST countries in Apple Music's history.

While DONDA is doing numbers on the music charts, Chris Brown is def feeling a type of way after listening to the LP. 

Apparently, 'Ye took Chris Brown's verse off the 27-track album’s 18th song, “New Again" and the R&B crooner let him know just how he felt about it.

“Kanye a whole h*e,” Breezy wrote on IG Stories before deleting.

In a second IG Story post, Breezy wrote wrote, “Nah He Tweakin."

Breezy wasn't the only artist pissed at Kanye after DONDA's release. Rapper Soulja Boy aired out his frustration with 'Ye after he was also cut from the long-awaited album:

"This n*gga Kanye smh," Soulja tweeted along with screenshots of a text conversation with Kanye. "Tell homie dont hit my phone no more."




"On God. You a bitch @kanyewest," Soulja tweeted. "And if u got a problem with what im saying I’ll knock u out my n*gga. How u get so lame? @kanyewest," he posted on Twitter.







"He did this same shit on Robocop when Amber Rose was in the studio years ago. I hate working with this dude. He needs help seriously," Soulja tweeted.



"If he didn’t like the verse he should of said that don’t text me acting like u fuck wit it then secretly take it off. What kind of shit is that I was working on my album too I don’t got time for this shit," he continued.

Welp. Are we surprised? It's also possible he posted that rant blaming Universal for the release (even though Kanye himself posted the album was now streaming as well) to divert blame away from himself.

Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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