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DONDA BITS: Kanye West Seemingly Hints That Kim K Cheated On Him & He Cheated On Her + Kim K 'Considering Her Reconciliation Options' After Irina Shayk Breakup

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Cheating revelations arise as fans decipher lyrics from Kanye West's recently released DONDA album. Fans believe 'Ye hints at his estranged wife Kim Kardashian West cheating on him and he seemingly admits to cheating on her on the new musical offering.

Now that 'Ye and model Irina Shayk have broken up, sources claim Kim K is "considering her options" to see if it's possible to work through their issues as a couple. Get it all inside...

Well, well, well. Kanye West is seemingly airing out what was going on behind-the-scenes of his marriage on his recently released tenth studio album, DONDA, named after his late mother.

As a surprise to fans, 'Ye's DONDA album dropped on a Sunday (August 29th). Historically, artists drop new album on Fridays, but with the way 'Ye has been vocal about his supposed spiritual journey it wasn't too surprising the album was released on the "Lord's Day."

Since then, fans have been streaming the new musical offering like crazy. Now that they have had time to decipher his lyrics, it seems the 44-year-old father-of-four may have spilled some behind-the-scenes tea about his marriage with Kim Kardashian West. Fans believe that the rapper may have hinted at Kim Kardashian cheating on him.

Now, you'd have to be invested into listening to the whole album to get to his marriage tea as he seemingly hints at their relationship on the 20th track titled "Lord I Need You."

He raps:

"When you said give me a ring, you really meant a ring, huh? Turned out to be more than just a fling, huh? Three hours to get back from Palm Springs, huh? Who you know spend an hour in Walgreens, huh?"



He continued:

“Too many complaints made it hard for me to think. Would you shut up? I can’t hear myself drink. We used to do the freak like seven days a week. It’s the best collab since Taco Bell and KFC, uh. Talk to me nicely, don’t come at me loud. You had a Benz at sixteen, I could barely afford a Audi. How you gon’ try to say sometimes it’s not about me?”

On his song "Jail," he seemingly hinted at Kim K filing for divorce.

“You made a choice that’s your bad, single life ain’t so bad," he rapped.

On another track titled "Hurricane," it seems 'Ye admitted to cheating on Kim K after the birth of their first two children, North & Saint West.

"Here I go actin' too rich. Here I go with a new chick. And I know what the truth is. Still playin' after two kids. It's a lot to digest when your life always movin'," he rapped on the track.

A source told PEOPLE that the lyrics are "in a way [Kanye's] testimony of everything he did wrong and his apology and taking accountability."


'Ye & Kim K started dating in 2012 and then decided to get married in May 2014. They share four children together, North (8), Saint (5), Chicago (3) and Psalm (2). Seven years later, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star filed for divorce from the Jesus Is King rapper.

As Kanye worked on his rollout for DONDA, Kim K and their kids were right by his side for all of his listening parties. During his last listening party in his hometown of Chicago, Kim K got all dressed up in a wedding gown, which sparked rumors that the former couple was working on rekindling their relationship.

"She is open to seeing where things go with Kanye and to see if they can work through their issues as a couple," a source told Entertainment Tonight.

"Kanye wants to get back with Kim and he has been trying to win her over again and reprove himself," and that "Kim and Kanye have a deep love for each other and many amazing memories and it's difficult to just let that all go," the source continued.

Another source told PEOPLE something different.

"Right now, she is not calling [the divorce] off," the source said.

"They have come a long way since Kim filed for divorce. It's taken them months to get to this point. Kim is happy that they get along and that things are amicable. The kids will always be her number one priority. She wants to have a friendly relationship with Kanye, because it benefits the kids. Filing for divorce was always the most difficult decision for Kim. She only filed because they had issues that they couldn't solve. She will always love Kanye though," said the source.

Mrs. West has been showing her husband love on social media despite their pending divorce. After DONDA was released, she shared screenshots of herself listening to DONDA, however, it appears she was listening to the album on MUTE.

You'll notice the volume is set to the lowest in the screenshots she shared on IG Stories:


After it was announced that Kanye & Kim were splitting, rumors about the rapper having a new boo spread like wildfire. His brief fling with 35-year-old model Irina Shayk is apparently already over though.

"It was never a serious thing that took off," a source revealed.

Kim made sure the world knew that was over when she appeared in a wedding dress for her husband's final listening party.

This morning...

The Grammy Award winning aritst dropped the visuals for his song "Come to Life. The video treatment features clips from his final listening party in Chicago, including the part when Kanye was set on fire and the mock-marriage scene with Kim K. Check it out above.

Photo: Kim K's IG

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