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Kym Whitley Spills Tea On Marlon Wayans' 'Package' & How Mo'Nique Stepped To Her Over Late Gerald Levert

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Say what, now? Kym Whitley spilled hella tea in the newest episode of TV One's "Uncensored." She talked about her encounter with Marlon Wayans' "package" and how Mo'Nique stepped to her about dating Gerald Levert. Get it all inside...

Actress Kym Whitley has spilled all of the piping hot tea about her journey into Hollywood during the newest episode of TV One’s "Uncensored" series. And she surely didn’t hold back when dishing about her life’s journey. Like, she shared it all.

While reflecting on her start in Hollywood, she shared a funny story about working with actor/comedian Marlon Wayans on "The Wayans Show" in 1998. Apparently, Marlon is PACKING and when she realized it, she thought he was playing a prank on her.

Since Marlon is know to play jokes, she thought he put a “small bat” in his pants to make it appear as if his penis was bigger than what it is.

“I thought he’s trying to be funny because he’s a fool and I kept looking and I said [to myself], ‘This boy done put a little bat in his shorts, in his red sweatpants.’ I kept looking at it and I said, ‘Stop being silly boy you crazy!’,” she shared.

Turns out, there wasn't a "small bat" in his sweatpants. That was ALL HIM. She was shocked to find out she was mistaken.

“You see this? He is so silly. And nobody on set was laughing," she continued. "They were saying over the speakers, like, ‘Oh she seen it.' So I am like, that’s real? First of all you need to put a rope on that thing and tie it up, whatever that is. Then for the whole week I was distracted and they were like he has a reputation in Hollywood. He’s just blessed! It’s burned into my brain!”


Peep the clip below:


The "My Brother & Me" actress also shared details about her relationship with late singer Gerald Levert. She dubbed him the "one who got away." Apparently, the former couple knew one another since they were kids and her family didn't agree with her being involved with Gerald. That didn't matter. She loved him and she was "gonna to stick beside him."  She said she and Gerald had plans to marry, but that never happened due to his unexpected death.

“The reason Gerald and I never got married is because he died,” she said. “He left me here to fend for myself and deal with this life alone. But if he lived we would of definitely got together, absolutely, because we were friends. We always talked about getting married. He said, ‘[When we turn 50], if you’re not married, if I’m not married, we’re gonna get married. He made a solid bet on it.”

The couple had an on-and-off relationship and Kym said his "lover boy" ways is what led to them breaking up. Once, comedienne/Oscar winning actress Mo'Nique confronted her about wanting to date the "Casanova" singer.

“I remember when Mo’Nique wanted to date Gerald,” she said. “That’s one thing people don’t know. Mo’Nique is a very mature woman even when she was young. She came up to me and she was like ‘Look, I want to date Gerald Levert. I know ya’ll used to date or whatever but I am coming to you as a woman to let you know that I’m interested’.”

Not "coming to you as a woman"! Kym said Mo'Nique has always been on her "grown woman" stuff and since she did that, she respected that and gave her the greenlight to do her thing. Sweet.

“I gave her my blessing even though secretly I was like, ‘Did I do the right thing?'”

Peep the clip above.

Kym also talked about her "beef" with her lookalike actress Jackee Harry and shared how Jackee's sister threatened to beat her down:



Thankfully, it's all good now.

The next "Uncensored" will air on September 19th at 10:00pm EST on TV One.

Photos: Kym's IG

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