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Top High School Recruit Amari Bailey Cops His Mom A New Whip, Likely Thanks To NCAA's New NIL Rules

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Christmas came early for the mother of top high school recruit Amari Bailey. He copped his mom, Johanna Leia, a new Porsche, likely cashing in on the NCAA’s new NIL rules. Deets inside…

Christmas came early for the mother of Sierra Canyon basketball player The top high school basketball recruit copped his mom, Johanna Leia, a new whip just in time for the holidays! It’s reported he gifted his mother a 2022 Porsche Cayenne, which starts at a whopping $70,000. 

A 17-year-old gifting his mother a luxury car isn’t something you see everyday. 

Both mom and son shared the exciting news on social media:

”This year I wanted to kick off the holiday season a lil different and got my mom car,” Amari captioned a picture of his mom’s new whip. “Thank you to @champion_motoring for making this happen for me. And to @johannaleia thank you for all of the sacrifices to even make this dream of mine come true.I love you. Thought I’d beat you to getting the whip for you tho.”


”I wasn’t gonna post anything because I’m an extremely private person. However, I am still shocked by what this truly represents,” Johanna wrote on Instagram.

“@amari This truly speaks to your heart, your mind, your work ethic, and all of our long hours in the gym, and long talks in the car. All I’ve ever wanted is to see a smile on your face and no holes in your heart. My dream is to see you live yours and to help you in any way that I can. I know this is your thank you to me and something you’ve talked about wanting to do. But truly this is unbelievable that at 17 this is how you choose to say thank you and make me smile. Keep living your life Pooks… But most importantly continue to be the amazing soul that you are! Many may not understand but one things for sure you live for YOU! I’m here for you 10 fold! This 10 is just getting started! I’m behind you no matter what’s in front of you! @champion_motoring you’re the BEST!!!”



You may remember Johanna reportedly dated Drake earlier this year. The Young Money rapper rented out Dodger Stadium for a romantic dinner date with Johanna Leia back in July. The Certified Lover Boy was also spotted courtside at several of Amari’s games, cheering him on from the sideline. Drake has also become a "mentor" of sorts to Amari - gifting him with an iced out #10 chain, coming to his games and hanging out with him.



So, how on earth was he able to purchase his mother a $70,000 car?! The 17-year-old - who’s heading to college next year - likely purchased the vehicle thanks to Name, Image, Likeness deals, taking advantage of the NCAA’s new rules. California and Florida allow high school athletes to sign NIL deals, unlike states like Texas. 

He's been sharing his brand campaign deals with Skittles, Gym Shark and more over on his blue check IG.

GMTM reports:

According to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), which governs High School sports in California similar to how the NCAA governs all collegiate sports, high school athletes have always been granted NIL rights.

The only statewide stipulation was that they could not be seen in official school uniforms, jerseys, or logos in official advertisements.

The issue, until now, was that capitalizing off these rules meant forfeiting your NCAA eligibility. And with this hurdle out the way, the top high school athletes are set to make some life-changing career moves.

And as you can see, players are taking full advantage of the NIL perks.


Earlier this month, Amari - the reigning Times player of the year who signed with UCLA - made his debut for Sierra Canyon after recovering from a foot injury, playing alongside Bronny James - Lebron James’ son. It was as if he never left. He put up 23 points, had 8 rebounds and 5 assists during a 100-72 home victory over West Ranch.

Photo: Johanna's IG 

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