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Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Admits He Made A Mistake After Being Sentenced To 20 Months In Prison For PPP Loan Scam, Must Repay Over $1M

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Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Whoaaa is going to jail for scamming! After he was sentenced to two years in prison for his involvement in PPP loan fraud, he shared a post on social media owning up to his mistakes. Find out what he said, plus deets on his case inside….

When scheming and scamming goes wrong!

Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Whoaaa (real name Diamond Smith) is speaking out after he sentenced to prison for PPP loan fraud! The “Grind With Me” artist was reportedly sentenced to 20 months in federal prison on December 16th for one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud charge for his involvement in a $24 million COVID-19 relief scheme.



Baby Blue's sentencing comes a year after he was accused in October 2020 of using falsified documents and false information to file to obtain funds allotted to small businesses as part of the United States’ Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

According to XXL, Baby Blue was ordered to pay $1,111,345.23 in restitution and a $100 assessment fee. Baller Alert reported he also has to cough up $1,134,782 in forfeiture in addition to his term of imprisonment. Damn. 

Now that news about his prison sentence has hit the Internet, Baby Blue is speaking out to "own up" to his mistakes.

This morning, he hopped on Twitter and tweeted:


”I awoke today truly GRATEFUL! Forever remaining humble because I know the ramifications could have been more severe. Gratitude this morning allows me to be happy despite the sadness that consumes me. I’m at peace although contrite and intend to make atonement for my actions.”

On IG, he shared a screenshot of the tweet on his Instagram. In the caption, he admitted to making a mistake and said it would never happen again. He also thanked everyone who has been riding with him over the last year.

We all make mistakes… I admit I made a mistake, I’ve learned from it the hard way and won’t make it again. My mistakes don’t define me as a man and I will come out of this more than I was before. With more integrity, more character, more knowledge of my self, more wiser, more stronger!

Thankyou to everyone that has endured this pain with me. This case has been over a year long. Thankyou to my friends, family, and my fans! All of your kind words, dms and texts are received and appreciated. Love Reciprocated.

Love, Blue

Profoundly Grateful.


In another post, he wrote, "I can’t go back and change the beginning but I can start where I am and change the ending. There are things in life we don’t want to happen but have to accept; Lessons in life we don’t want to know but have to learn. We have to remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes. Sometimes the bad things that happens to us end up putting us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. Life can change in a second, can be taken in a second so live your best life! Do what you can for others. Always be there for the ones you love the most and understand that not everyone you love will stay, not everyone you trust will be loyal. Some people are lessons. Some people exist as an example of what to avoid. Learn from yesterday, live for today, prepare for a better tomorrow."

Baby Blue received a $426,717 PPP loan for his company, Throwbackjersey.com, using falsified documents. He also obtained another PPP loan of $708,065 for his other company, Blue Star Records LLC, using falsified documents and false information. SMH!

The “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star didn’t use the funds for his businesses. Instead, he was busy blowing the money on materialistic things like a $96,000 Ferrari, which was seized when he was taken into custody. He was also accused of withdrawing $271,805 in loan funds and purchasing other luxury items with the illegal funds.

A Pennsylvania woman named Tonye C. Johnson – who is a towing company owner - was also arrested and charged for her participation in the PPP loan scheme. The FBI revealed Baby Blue and his female accomplice were part of a larger scheme, with at least 11 other defendants. That saying "what goes on in the dark comes to light" has manifested right before our eyes.

Despite his legal drama, Baby Blue is seemingly gearing up to drop new music:



Photo: Baby Blue's IG 

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