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Normani Risked Her ‘Leave Out’ While Competing Against Taraji With Water Shooting Mics On ‘That’s My Jam’

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Now, wait a minute! Don’t get the leave out wet! Normani is trending after she and Taraji P. Henson got sprayed while playing Jimmy Fallon’s new game show “That’s My Jam”.

Watch the funny moment as well as clips of Normani & Taraji slaying the jams inside….

We all know - you do NOT get a black girl’s hair wet!

Singer/Dancer Normani and award winning actress Taraji P. Henson appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s new game show, “That’s My Jam,” which is a full show borrowed from “The Tonight Show” segment “Slay It Don’t Spray It.”

As you know, the "Wild Side" singer can sing and Proud Mary actress can def hold some notes (which she flexed in the live adaptation of “Annie”), so they appeared to be a good match up against singer Rita Ora and filmmaker Taika Waititi. The ladies were challenged to belt out the lyrics to Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting For Tonight.”

This was Norman’s reaction:

Ha! Sis quickly nominated Taraji to perform first, which she didn’t oblige.

The Oscar nominated actress started out doing real good…until she fumbled the lyrics and BOOM! Water was sprayed from their microphones into the box they were standing in, getting the ladies wet. And yes, the water hit Norman’s HAIR! Her leave out - to be exact.

“You cannot wet Black girls’ hair!!” Taraji yelled. “That was not in my contract! I’m getting out,” she joked.

”My leave out!,” Normani said while touching her tresses. Peep the clip below:

The clip quickly went viral on social media with Normani reposting the clip and captioning, “My hearted [typo] was racinggggg cause BABY was on the verge of that shrinkage.”

Listen, we totally understand the shrinkage struggle. It’s SO real. And no one wants their hair messed up on national television.

Rita Ora was challenged to sing Abba's “Dancing Queen,” which she nailed resulting in the ladies getting sprayed again. Ha! Then, both teams had to sing Outkast’s “Hey Ya,” and, you guessed it, Normani and Taraji got sprayed AGAIN! Luckily, Normani’s hair still looked great.

iCheck it:

While the ladies weren’t victorious for that segment, they killed the dancing challenge. Check out a clip below:


Normani had to put a country twist on TLC’s “Creep” and totally nailed it:

Fun times!

Photo: YouTube Screenshot 

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