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Megan Thee Stallion Gives First TV Interview About Shooting & Tory Lanez, 'I Have Nightmares About This'

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The shooting involving rapper Tory Lanez and (now former) best friend, Kelsey, has haunted Megan Thee Stallion for two years now.  The Texas rapper is ready to open up in a more formal way, this time with Gayle King for CBS "The Morning".  The highly buzzed sneak peek is inside.

It seems every time Megan Thee Stallion speaks on her experience of being shot, there's a sector of folks who swear she is lying. Yes, lying about being shot. In her feet. And also by Tory Lanez.  When blood coming from her feet was quite evident in the police video.

Some people love to split hairs when it comes to the minute details when they are determined to make Megan out to be a liar.  And the same thing is happening after Meg's new interview with Gayle King.

In her first television interview addressing the 2020 shooting allegedly involving rapper Tory Lanez, the Texas Hottie tells Gayle what she said happened the night of July 12, 2020.  She says a typical fuss amongst friends escalated to rapper Tory Lanez - who Meg was with that evening at a pool party at Kylie Jenner's house - shooting her after they left the party in an SUV.

Megan says she - along with her former friend Kelsey who allegedly was also fighting with Meg in the car prior to the shooting - and Tory were bickering about whether or not they were actually going to leave the pool party.  Things got heated, then next thing she knew, Tory was leaning over one of the SUV windows shooting at her feet saying "Dance b**ch!"

LAPD helicopters arrived and circled the SUV, and cops yelled over the megaphone for everyone to exit the vehicle and lay on the ground face-down.  The footage that leaked was harrowing, and blood could be seen on and around Meg's feet.  Once the full story came out, Meg named Tory specifically as the  person who shot her, and he was quickly charged.

Tory, who is a Canadian citizen, ended up pleading not guilty to the assault and weapons charges related to the alleged shooting.  The case is still ongoing.

Ever since that insane night, fans have taken sides and shots have been fired on wax at each other. 



Tory maintains he never shot her (after not flat out denyng it at first), and Meg says he absolutely did.  Apologetic text messages that could possibly prove an admittedly drunk Tory was regretting shooting her surfaced, and folks say he could have been apologizing for anything that happened that night. Certain instigators have also come to Tory's defense claiming that Megan's story keeps changing, but their claims could have gotten Tory's defense lawyers in trouble if they were found to have shared information with the media before the trial.


Megan had surgery and stitches in her ankles/feet, and soon got back to work shooting videos and later doing shows (like this year's Super Bowl above) when Covid restrictions lifted.  The misogynoir that she's been facing for two years, though, regarding this case, is something she may never recover from.

More of Gayle King's interview with Megan will air tomorrow (Monday, April 25th) on "CBS Mornings" . 

Photos: DFree/Shutterstock.com

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