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Sonya Curry ‘Saddened’ Over Steph Curry’s Reaction To Divorce From Dell Curry, Addresses Handling Cheating Accusations

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Sonya Curry speaks out for the first time since filing for divorce from Dell Curry, sharing how she felt when she read her son Steph Curry’s reaction to their divorce in a recent interview. Find out what she said about the divorce aftermath, her new book and more inside….

Sonya Curry is ready for the next chapter in life after filing for divorce from retired NBA star Dell Curry last summer. The filing launched bevy of finger-pointing headlines, reporting both Sonya and Dell cheated on each other throughout their 33-year marriage.

Daytime talk show host Tamron Hall called up Sonya Curry to discuss her new book, “Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose.” The longtime WAG opened up about raising her three children, NBA stars Steph and Seth Curry and daughter Sydel, and how they reacted to the news of her recent separation from their father. 

In a recent interview with The Ringer, Steph Curry got candid about what it's been like dealing with his parent's divorce.

“It’s challenging for sure,” the Golden State Warriors point guard said. “I could be mad and be like, ‘Y’all effed this up.’ I could have that approach. But it’s going to be an acknowledgment of both of y’all in terms of how y’all raised me. The calmness I have in myself is because of y’all.”

Mama Curry said hearing how he feels about the divorce makes her sad, however, she’s fulfilled knowing what she poured into all three of her children is coming back full-fold.

“Well, at first, I was saddened, because yes, I know that this isn't something easy for anybody.” She continued, “This is a hard thing. And to feel like you cause other people pain in any situation is difficult. So for me to find a way to process that, that I could have caused pain to someone else. But then also I was just happy and fulfilled to know that the parenting and all the love and the nurturing that we've poured into our children is coming out that way and he's able to express that, just made me so proud because now it's like they're giving to me, everything I poured into them is coming back to me full-fold and it's such a blessing.”

Check out the clip below:

Not long after reports that Dell & Sonya Curry were divorcing hit the media, details about why they decided to call it quits after 33 years started trickling in.

In court documents, Dell accused his estranged wife Sonya of cheating on him with former New England Patriots tight end Steve Johnson and lying to him about the relationship. Not only that, he accused her of living with Johnson in Tennessee. Since she's allegedly in a new relationship and living with her man, Dell feels she shouldn't be entitled to alimony.

On the flip side, Sonya accused Dell of sleeping with multiple women throughout their three-decade long marriage. It was so bad, supposedly, it ended up being an “open family secret” where their family and friends KNEW about his infidelity. Yikes.

The 55-year-old mom shared how she’s handling negative headlines about her marriage:

“Well, I started even with raising the children that we wouldn't purchase the newspaper when Dell was playing because, because of that, you know, one day they love you and one day they're tearing you down and criticizing you. So, you know, we've raised them to stay even keel, next play and just focus on what they're in control of. And so, I've tried to do the exact same thing. I don't listen to a lot of the social media. If something kind of leaks and gets to me and sneaks in then you know, I just take it to prayer and try to leave it with God and focus on what I can focus on and you know, take accountability for the things, if there's something in there that's you know, truthful, then I try to take accountability for that and just get better, just wake up every day and lean into you know what my book is titled ‘Fierce Love,’ a lot of grace and a lot of Mercy every day for myself, and then I can give that to other people as well. So and relying on my children, as long as I know the people that I love, know the truth, then I can, you know, lean on that as well.”

Peep the clip below:

The former couple, who met at Virginia Tech University as student athletes, got married in 1988. They have three grown children, Steph (34), Seth (31) and Sydel Curry (27). By the way, Seth - who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets - celebrated his 31st birthday the same day the divorce news broke. Ugh.

They also share six grandchildren together. Steph and his wife Ayesha Curry have three children, daughters Riley and Ryan, as well as son Canon. Seth has a daughter, Carter Lynn, and a son, Cash, with wife Callie Rivers. And Sydel has a son, Daxon, with her NBA husband Damion Lee.

At the end of the day, Sonya just wants to make her family proud with her memoir. Check it:

It seems she has full support from her family…



Steph, Seth and Sydel put up post promoting their mother’s new book, which dropped just in time for Mother’s Day.



Congrats to Sonya on fabulously moving on with her life and doing what makes her happy.

Photo: Sonya's IG

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