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NeNe Leakes Sued By Boyfriend's WIFE For $100K, She Says NeNe 'Stole Her Husband'! He Responds.

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Keep your legs closed to married men? NeNe Leakes' own classic line is coming back to bite her as her new man's WIFE is coming for her cash.  She says the former "Real Housewives" star stole her husband, chile.  The messy deets inside.

NeNe Leakes has been dating businessman Nyonisela Sioh since late 2021, after the heartbreaking passing of her late husband Gregg Leakes in September 2021.  NeNe and Nyonisela went Instagram official just before the Holidays, and she even brought him on "The Real" with her when she was a guest this past February.



The twosome have been FULLY open with their relationship for months - hitting up all the party scenes in ATL and at her own Linnethia restaurant, and NeNe has posted him several times on her Instagram account. He finally posted her – to his IG Stories – today, coincidentally.


NeNe, 54, has seemed genuinely happy when with him, even amid all the lawsuit drama with her suing Bravo and production for alleged racism.

Now, she's got a different type of lawsuit on her hands.  And this one is from Nyonisela's WIFE!  According to reports, Mrs. Sioh says NeNe's been sleeping with her husband and openly in a relationship with him, so she's suing HER for it.

"Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh claims in the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, NeNe and now-BF Nyonisela Sioh hooked up while he was still married to her.

Malomine says NeNe posted picture after picture of her and her new man ... humiliating Malomine and cratering her relationship with her husband."

So why is she suing NeNe, you might ask?  That's because North Carolina is one of very few states where you can sue a spouse's side piece under a crime called "alienation of affection."  So that's exactly what the Mrs. is doing.

"Malomine claims she suffered emotional distress, mental anguish, and a loss of affection. In case you're wondering, North Carolina is one of 7 states where a person can sue a spouse's extramarital partner for alienation of affection. Most states have disallowed such suits, because it's really just the game of love. Malomine is gunning for more than $100K."

As for whether Nyonisela and Malomine were separated, leading that man to live his life as he pleased with NeNe, it's unclear.  Because according to the wife's lawsuit, it sounds like she could have been blindsided if she's claiming mental anguish and emotional distress.  But, you never know.

Nyonisela did post and delete a comment that seemed to address the drama:


Saying a whole lot while saying nothing at all.

If this whole "sue my husband's alleged mistress" story sounds familiar, it's because Fantasia, who also resides in North Carolina, was sued for the same thing by her (now ex) man', Antwaun Cook, wife, Paula, over 10 years ago when she was involved with Antwaun, the father of her second child. Fantasia was actually the victor in that case as it was ruled Antwaun and Paula were actually legitimately separated during Antwaun and Fantasia's time together. 

We hope NeNe's lawyers figure out a way to get the courts to reach that same conclusion....


Photo: FreddyO, NeNe's IG, Nyonisela's IG

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