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Mo’Nique Announces Netflix Comedy Special & Movie With Lee Daniels After Settling Gender & Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

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It’s the beginning of a new era for Mo’Nique! After settling her gender and racial discrimination lawsuit against Netflix, the comedienne has inked a comedy special with the streaming giant. More inside…

Mo’Nique is a testament of standing your ground and not folding under pressure.

A month after settling her gender and racial discrimination lawsuit against Netflix, the famed comedienne hopped on social media to share GREAT news: She has scored a stand-up comedy special with the streamer. Woot!

“Hey y’all it’s your girl Mo’Nique and I’m excited to say that I’ll be shooting my first Netflix special,” she said in a video Netflix posted to their official Twitter account. “In addition to reuniting with my friend, Director Lee Daniels on the Netflix film The Deliverance. You won’t want to miss either of them, so stay tuned! Thank you all and I love y’all to life!

Peep the video below:


The Oscar winner - who once claimed she was being blackballed in Hollywood - also share the video on her Instagram account.

As we previously told you, Mo, 54, is set to star in Lee Daniels’ Netflix film The Deliverance after they were able to hash out their differences. The Precious star and director reunited back in April:

In 2018, Mo took to social media to blast Netflix about the unfair offer they approached her with for a comedy special. She said Netflix met with her about filming a new special...for only $500,000.  She was taken aback because Amy Schumer - who plenty of folks don't think is all that funny - banked $11M out the gate for her special.  She actually got a couple million more after re-negotiating based on what her male counterparts like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were getting. 

Mo ended up launching a boycott against Netflix for what she called “gender bias" and "color bias” by the company and then pulled the trigger on a lawsuit. 

Now, "The Parkers" alum is ready to collect the coin she was rightfully owed.

By the way, she's starring in the upcoming season of 50 Cent's "BMF."

The future is looking bright for Mo! 

Photo: Mo'Nique's IG 

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