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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Queen Sugar’ Stars Bianca Lawson & Rutina Wesley Drop The Cheat Code On Trusting Your Power

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“Queen Sugar” stars Bianca Lawson and Rutina Wesley reflect on the past six seasons of the hit OWN series and both ladies share the cheat code on learning to trust your power to allow your talent to take you to places you’ve never been. Find out what they told us inside….

Over six seasons, ”Queen Sugar” stars Bianca Lawson and Rutina Wesley played roles that Black women everywhere could relate to. Throughout the series, Darla (played by Bianca) and Nova (played by Rutina) portrayed multifaceted Black women, who were fearless, yet vulnerable, reminding us (and the rest of the world) it’s OK for Black women to be human.

The ladies sat down to chat with YBF correspondent James Terrell about learning how to trust your power and allowing yourself to be human as you work towards your dreams. If Rutina could give advice to her younger self, she said she would tell herself to slow down and to believe she “got this.”

”I’ve seen myself do some things through these last seven seasons that I didn’t think I could do - or would have to do,” Rutina said. “But, to just trust yourself. That’s a big thing… when you actually can just trust yourself. It’s easy to trust someone else, but do you trust you?”

”I can have perfectionist tendencies,” Bianca shared. “And then it’s like, not that deep,” she said.

”Don’t take everything so personally because it’s usually not about you. Know your power. It’s OK to honor yourself. Don’t project this mystical excellence on other people because you have it too!,” she concluded.

Both ladies acknowledged how honing in on your own power is what can/will help you to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Peep the clip below:

If you can not view the clip below, click play below:

Outside of acting, Rutina is an amazing dancer! And we may see Nova bust a move or two in the upcoming season.

And guess what? She shared she inherited her dance moves from her father, who was once a contestant on “Star Search.” She shared a clip of her dad’s performance during a “Star Search” episode that aired in 1987. Watch his footwork below:

”My mom said I came out the womb dancing!," Rutina exclaimed. "She was like ‘You came out the womb just kicking and screaming.’”

The "True Blood" alum shared her father was doing a show with singer Dean Martin when she was a baby and when the music started playing, she instantly began kicking and waving her arms. She said her dad told her Dean told him, “That girl is going to be a star.”

”I don’t know if it’s true. I was like, ‘Dad did this really happen?’,” she laughed. “My dad is like my twin. I wanted to be a dancer. I decided to start acting in high school, but I definitely wanted to be a dancer. Like, that was my first love.”

Watch the clip below:

If you can’t see the clip above, press play below:

Love it!

The seventh (and final) season of “Queen Sugar” premieres tonight at 8PM EST on OWN. We already have our box of tissues and snacks ready. Will you be tuned in?

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Photos: Kathy Hutchinson/Shutterstock

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