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RGIII Calls White Tight End’s ‘Griddy’ Celebration Dance ‘Unseasoned’…And The Responses Have Us GAGGED!

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Former quarterback Robert Griffin III offered up commentary about a white tight end’s victory “Griddy” dance and the responses to his tweet have us gagged! More inside…


Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III took to Twitter to comment on a player’s celebration dance and the responses to his tweet have us literally laughing out loud.

On Sunday, RGIII - now a football commentator for ESPN - took to Twitter to repost a video of Miami Dolphins’ tight end Mike Gesicki celebrating after a 4-yard TD in the 4th quarter of the Dolphins’ matchup with the Minnesota Vikings. During his celebration, Mike attempted to do “The Griddy,” which is a popular celebration dance amongst NFL players after it was made popular by Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase. The dance was invented by JaMarr’s friend, Allen “Griddy” Davis.

On Twitter, RGIII reposted a video of Mike’s “Griddy” dance, dubbing it “unseasoned.” Yes, RGIII is calling something “unseasoned.” HA!



Needless to say, Twitter did what it does and we’re GAGGED by the responses. Many were confused and humored by RGIII’s use of the word “unseasoned.”

Media personality Van Lathan summed it up perfectly:



“This is quite possibly the most ironic tweet in the history of this app,” he tweeted.

Check out more reactions below:











RGIII calling someone “unseasoned” is quite funny. In his defense, Ja’Marr wasn’t feeling Mike’s “Griddy” either:




Photo: RGIII's IG

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