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Ex-NBA Player Eric Bledsoe Will NOT Face Charges In Domestic Violence Case, Spotted Courtside At Clippers Game After Arrest

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Former NBA player Eric Bledsoe will not face criminal charges despite being arrested for domestic violence last week. He was seen sitting courtside at an NBA game days after the arrest. He shared a photo of himself on social media and his girlfriend reacted positively in his comments. Full rundown inside…

Ex-NBA player Eric Bledsoe dodged criminal charges after he was reportedly arrested for domestic violence just hours after it was announced he had joined the Shanghai Sharks in the CBA following a 12-year career in the NBA.

The L.A. County District Attorney revealed to TMZ that the case has been declined "due to insufficient evidence."

On October 26th, cops received a call about a domestic incident with a victim claiming her boyfriend slapped her. After officers showed up at the Lost Hills, California, residence, the former Los Angeles Clippers point guard was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence after an investigation. The 32-year-old was taken to the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station was bonded out a short time later.

After his arrest, Eric’s girlfriend, Briona Mae, shared a photo and a video on her Instagram account. In the picture, it appeared to show a red mark on her face. On the next slide, she posted a video of Eric saying, “I’ll slap you again.”

”NO RELATIONSHIP LIKE THIS IS EVER WORTH STAYING IN," the caption said. “I’m far from a saint but this isn’t ok. Domestic violence is real! This wasn’t the first time but I sat here and stayed so it’s my fault! ERIC BLEDSOE really is a monster.”

She has since deleted the post, but here’s a screen grab:

Since the attack, she has been commenting on Eric’s Instagram.

On Sunday (Oct. 30th)…

The L.A. Clipper was spotted courtisde at Crypto.com Arena (above) cheering on his former team who went up against the New Orleans Pelicans.

In the comments, Eric’s girlfriend - who is the mother of his twins - wrote "My baby":

Well alright.


The Pelicans beat the Clippers, 112 - 91. Right after the game, New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson ran over to Eric to greet him and chat for a hot second. Peep the clip above.

Photo: Eric's IG

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