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Head Coach Juan Dixon Caught Up In Coppin State Lawsuit Involving Sexual Predator Assistant Coach Allegations, Filmed Sexual Encounters, And Catfishing!

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Juan Dixon, the current head basketball coach at Coppin State University and partner of "Real Housewives of Potomac" star Robyn Dixon, was named as a defendant in a disturbing lawsuit filed against the university and an assistant coach. A former Coppin State University basketball player is accusing Juan of doing nothing after he told him an assistant coach catfished him into sending nude photos, as well as blackmailing him into taping a sexual encounter before leaking it all.The shocking details inside…

This story is the makings of a salacious docuseries or film.

A former Coppin State University basketball player has filed a lawsuit after being catfished, sexually manipulated, and blackmailed, which caused him to lose his scholarship and public humilation.

According to the Baltimore Brew, head coach Juan Dixon, partner of “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon, was named in a lawsuit against the university for failing to report sexual misconduct between a basketball player and an assistant coach when it was brought to his attention.

Coppin State Director's of Player Development and Director of Basketball Operations, Lucian Brownlee, who was a former guard, reportedly catfished player Ibn Williams online repeatedly in a series of messages. Initially, Williams believed he had been speaking with a woman who was romantically interested in him and had persuaded him to send her explicit texts and photos in order to keep her interested.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court, Browlee allegedly forced Williams to provide intimate photos and texts, blackmailed him into filming a sexual encounter, and then released the footage, which was made available to the team, staff, and public, after the player refused to comply with more requests for sex. Whoa.

The lawsuit states Brownlee harassed, tormented, and sexually assaulted Williams before publishing private information he had obtained from the student. SMH!

Williams met with Coach Dixon, a former University of Maryland player, to discuss the situation, the lawsuit claims, but the head coach took no action.

The lawsuit states that “in fear of losing his place in the basketball program, his tuition and room and board payments. . . continued to respond to the person messaging him in a futile attempt to appease his tormentor.”

Coppin State University is also named in the lawsuit, which was filed last week. Coppin State University officials are accused of interrogating the distressed Williams harshly, and acting in retaliation by withholding financial aid that had been promised.

The basketball player’s attorney believes Brownlee was the “catfisher.” Despite Brownlee's denial that he’s the catfisher, Williams’ attorney, Daniel “Donny” Epstein, said they were able to build a case against the assistant coach.

It gets worse…

According to Epstein, the university and Coach Dixon should never have given Browlee the position after being made aware of his prior issues. It turns out that Brownlee apparently has a history of mental illness.

“The coach should have known better than to put this person in a position of seniority,” Epstein said.

Williams was able to finish the semester online, but has since transferred to a different school. As for Brownlee, Epstein said “he’s in the wind,” and doesn’t appear to still be working for the university.

What a wild story. We hope the young man who was catfished, manipulated, and blackmailed receives justice! This is sick. And whoever enabled this behavior, should be punished as well.

Photo: Robyn's IG

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