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Cher's Friends Fear Her $360 Million Fortune Is Dwindling As She Splurges On Rumored Fiancé AE, Couple Meets Each Other’s Children

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Cher's friends are reportedly worried about her lavish spending on her rumored fiancé, Alexander "A.E" Edwards, and his extravagant lifestyle. Read on to find out more about their relationship, meeting each other’s children, and more inside…

Cher's friends are allegedly concerned that the singer is spending too much money on her boyfriend, Alexander "A.E" Edwards, and his lavish lifestyle.

Sources close to the situation spilled to Radar Online that Cher has been shelling out big bucks ever since she started dating the 37-year-old music executive last fall. The insiders say that Cher's inner circle has grown worried that she is neglecting her friends and throwing her money away.

According to reports, Cher has always been careful with her estimated $360 million bank account, but she seems to have thrown caution to the wind since she started seeing AE. The sources claim that the singer is funding the couple's extravagant lifestyle and is letting her rumored fiancé call the shots.

They also allege that AE has been taking advantage of Cher's wealth by making her pay for his gifts, dinners, and limos. Although AE fashions himself as a music industry bigwig as the "vice president of artists and repertoire" at Def Jam Recordings with a reported $500,000 yearly salary, his actual net worth is estimated to be only $2 million, according to insiders. Cher's friends are worried that her extravagant spending could burn a hole in her bank account and potentially make her go broke.

Cher's sons, Chaz Bono, 53, and Elijah Blue Allman, 46, have reportedly been distancing themselves from their mother due to her relationship with the music exec. The insiders claim that Cher is mad at them and is even considering adjusting her will to make AE her sole beneficiary. Whoa!

While Cher is still a wealthy woman, her friends fear that her careless spending could have negative consequences for her financial future.

While Cher's friends claim AE has a strained relationship with Cher's sons, AE claims they're all on good terms. Alexander was spotted by TMZ at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, where he revealed that Cher's sons, Chaz and Elijah, are "my guys."

AE has a son with his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, and he shared that Cher gets along with his little boy, Slash, really well.





Despite the 40-year age gap between Cher and Alexander and their relatively short time together, they seem to be serious about each other. In fact, Alexander gave Cher a huge diamond ring over the holidays, and she confirmed to the paparazzi in January that the engagement was progressing well. Hmph.

While there is no news about the wedding date, it appears that their focus is currently on their children. This is a significant step for the couple, as Cher's sons are older than Alexander himself. It seems that they are blending their families together and building a strong foundation for their future.

We shall see...

Photo: Sydney Jackson-BFA and Chris Villa

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