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Juan Dixon BLASTED By Former Women's Basketball Student, Accused Of Misconduct & Unprofessional Behavior After Coppin Firing

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Following his recent firing from Coppin State amid allegations of sexual assault, Juan Dixon, former head basketball coach, has been accused of misconduct and unprofessional behavior by a former women's basketball student, Dionna Renee, on Twitter. These explosive allegations have added fuel to the controversy surrounding the former NBA star. More inside…

Juan Dixon has been at the center of a scandal following his recent dismissal from Coppin State University due to allegations of sexual assault.

Now, Juan Dixon is facing even more backlash as a former women's basketball student has come forward on Twitter to accuse him of misconduct and unprofessional behavior.

Former University of the District of Columbia Women's Basketball student, Dionna Renee, recently made headlines with her scathing Twitter thread about Juan Dixon, the former head basketball coach at Coppin State.

As we previously told you, Juan was dismissed from his position following a sexual assault scandal, and now Dionna is speaking out about her alleged experience with the reality star in 2016.

“Ok so boom, Juan Dixon came to coach at udc my junior year,” Dionna started off tweeting. “From day 1 he made it very clear that he did not want to coach women’s basketball and that his goal was to get to the mens side pronto.”

In her Twitter thread, Dionna claimed that Juan was the "worst coach" she has ever had in any sport, and that he had no desire to coach women's basketball. But that wasn't all. According to Dionna, the former coach also brought "a few" of his "concubines" to away games and even had them ride on the team bus. Chile...

These allegations are certainly shocking, but what's even more disturbing is that Dionna claims to have left out the most "damaging" details. She did, however, reveal that Juan had her removed from the team when another player complained that she did not assist them during a violent altercation. Read the deets below:

“Fast forward through a losing season with what I would consider a talented team with bad leadership,” she tweeted. “During the off season there was a alteration in my student apartment involving my then teammate. For legal purposes we will call the former team mate Rell, then girlfriend Bee, and ex girlfriend Tony. Rell was cheating on Bee with Tony. Tony decides to come by the apartment one day to see another friend Dion. Bee just happens to be there when Tony gets in the room. Push comes to shove … literally. Next thing I know there’s a WWE smack down in my living room. Wigs was flying, bitches was bleeding and mace was sprayed."

She continued, “Now I like to mind my mothaf*cking business but apparently then team mate Rell was upset with me for not helping her while she was getting her ass beat. Rell went to Juan about the fight and this mfer KICKED ME OFF THE TEAM. Mind you I’m on scholarship bout to go into my senior year and this mfer kicks me off the team cause Rell was cheating got caught and caught a beat down for it. Some f*cked up sh*t.”

”Anyway we got the arguing cause that’s some bull shit. Somewhere in me getting fired on my day off he mentions again ‘See this is why I didn’t want to coach women’s basketball, dealing with this shit’ 2 weeks later he quit and started the coaching job at Coppin !!!! How you gonna kick me off, KNOWING you leaving anyway. Whewww it felt so good to tell my story. In conclusion. FUXK YOU Juan Dixon FUXK YOU Rell scary ass hoe. Haha that’s why you and your girl Bee got y’all a** beat.”

Dionna revealed she received an apology from the athletic director a year later for the way her situation was handled, but she still holds a grudge against them all. She mentioned that even though she was given a senior night, despite not playing, it didn't change her negative feelings towards the situation.


And she also said that was only a SMALL part of what actually happened and that she left out a lot of "nasty, narcissistic, and misogynistic stuff Juan said on the daily."


The former basketball star also revealed she received DMs from other former players who had similar experiences with Juan:

We wouldn't be surprised if more Twitter threads about his behavior pops up.

A few days ago, Juan Dixon, a former NBA player and husband of “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon, was fired as head coach of Coppin State University’s basketball team. After six seasons with the Eagles, Dixon leaves the program with a 51-131 record, including a a disappointing 9-23 record in the 2022-23 season.

"RHOP" star Gizelle Bryant, who is a good friend of Robyn, insinuated Juan's firing from Coppin was due to a "losing season" and not the sexual harassment suit he was named in.

“I think, you know, the coaching world is tough. I think, you know, he was n a tough position. They did have a losing season. You know, Juan, if anything I know about him, he'll bounce back and he'll be fine."

Watch the clip below:

As we previously reported, Juan Dixon was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by one of the athletes he previously coached at Coppin State University. The lawsuit, filed in November 2022, alleges that Juan's assistant coach, Lucian Brownlee, "catfished" former Coppin basketball player Ibn Williams online before blackmailing and publishing harmful material about him.

Williams also accused Juan of failing to take action despite being made aware of the accusations against Coach Brownlee. More deets about the lawsuit HERE.

So much drama.

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