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Matt Barnes In Hot Water: Owes Ex-Gloria Govan Over $133K In Child Support Payments!

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Former NBA star Matt Barnes is reportedly behind on child support payments to his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, for their twin teenage sons. Deets inside…

The Matt Barnes/Gloria Govan saga continues.

Matt Barnes, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers and several other teams during his NBA career, has reportedly fallen behind on his child support payments to Gloria Govan, his ex-wife and the mother of his teenage twins, Carter and Isaiah.

According to TMZ, Matt owes Gloria a whopping $133,976.54 in past-due child support payments. Sheesh! This is a substantial amount of money, especially considering the fact that the former couple have two teenagers together.



The former LA clippers small forward was recently ordered by a judge to pay the arrears to the former “Basketball Wives” star, but it remains to be seen whether he will be able to come up with the funds.

In the fall of 2018, Matt was granted sole physical and legal custody of the children - and an 18-month restraining order against Gloria - following an incident in which she was arrested in connection with child endangerment. Matt's child support payments were reduced from $20,000 a month to $7,500 in late 2018.


Interestingly, Gloria, who wed former Los Angeles Lakers player Derek Fisher in July of 2021, is also dealing with her own legal issues. Her divorce attorneys have sued her for failing to pay for their services, and a judge recently issued a default judgment against her. The law firm is seeking $197,774.62 in unpaid legal fees and expenses.

To make matters worse, Matt is also facing a lawsuit from his fiancée's ex-husband.

Earlier this year, the former NBA star found himself embroiled in a lawsuit filed by former NFL star David Patterson Jr., the ex-husband of Matt’s fiancée, Anansa Sims.



The suit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges that Matt committed battery, assault, and emotional distress during an altercation at a San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys football game. Video footage appears to show Matt spit on David, which you can watch above.


According to TMZ, the incident allegedly occurred when Matt became aggressive and attacked David. The lawsuit claims that Matt’s actions caused David to suffer physical injuries and emotional trauma.

A mess!

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