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Rapper Roddy Ricch Accused of Promethazine Abuse By Son’s Mother In Custody Battle

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As their custody battle intensifies, rapper Roddy Ricch finds himself facing accusations from his son's mother, who alleges that he has developed an addiction to the popular drink known as "lean." More inside...


Roddy Ricch finds himself in hot water after his son's mother, Alexandra Kiser, accuses him of abusing a sedative called Promethazine (aka "lean"). The woman is seeking full custody of their son and alleges that she has been completely cut off financially by the rapper, leaving her with no choice but to move out of the home he provided.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Alexandra is asking a Los Angeles County court to establish paternity in the case and order "The Box" rapper to provide $20,000 a month in child support. She claims that the rapper is worth approximately $25,000,000 and earned over $10,000,000 in 2022. In contrast, Alexandra has no income and has been the sole caregiver for their son, Kadence, since birth.

The court documents paint a picture of an absentee father who neglects his parental obligations and spends most of his time pursuing his entertainment career. Alexandra alleges that Roddy misses important holidays and events with their son, including Christmas, which he spent in Dubai and the Maldives with friends. She also claims that he has only spent three full days with Kadence since January and recently moved into a gated compound near their home but kept it a secret.

In the court docs, she said, “Recently, he moved into the gated compound where he has leased the house where our son and I currently live and has only spent 3 full days with Kadence thus far and that has been since January/early February. I don’t know the exact date because Rodrick hid the fact that he moved down the street from us, had a party with his entire family in attendance and his son was not. He now asks if I could move out by this May or if he’ll give me a 6-month extension to move after I expressed to him that I felt uncomfortable about the way he moved into our gated community, just mere houses from us, and then tried to keep it a secret."


Alexandra accuses the "Every Season" rapper of wanting her and their son out of his house and no longer paying for it. She alleges that he gave her minimal and inconsistent support and now wants her to move out at her own expense. Alexandra also claims that Roddy is gang-affiliated, has been arrested on gun charges and domestic violence, and regularly uses Promethazine, which raises concerns for herself and their son.

“Rodrick Moore is gang affiliated. He has been arrested on a gun charge, domestic violence and regularly indulges in promethazine use all of which are concerns for myself and our son,” she writes.

It's unclear if she is referring to promethazine mixed with codeine, which is popular amongst several rappers, and goes by the nicknames “sizzurp” or “lean.”

“Now, he does not want to pay for the house that we live in anymore. He is giving minimal and inconsistent support, and wants me to move out at my own expense,” she says. Adding, “He also leased the car for me in June of 2020 as a birthday gift and now wants me to pay for that as well. Rodrick opened a bank account for me last year with his bank so that he could send support to me more easily but money has never been deposited into that account.”

Due to Roddy's massive fan base, Alexandra claims that she has had to move on several occasions during their relationship because of death threats from his fanatical fans. She asserts that their current living arrangement is safer but still requires security because Kadence is the child of a celebrity.

“I am now asking for the court’s help by compelling Rodrick to uphold the promise he made to me and to grant financial support from him for myself and our son. For these reasons, I am also asking for sole custody," she said.

With the help of high-powered lawyer Samantha Spector, Roddy denies the allegations made by his baby mama and plans to fight for custody of their son. It remains to be seen how the court will rule in this highly publicized case that could affect both parties' lives significantly.

Last summer, Roddy Ricch was arrested on his way to perform at the Governors Ball in NYC.

After being searched, officers reportedly found a loaded gun inside the vehicle Roddy was taking to the show with two other people. Nine rounds of ammunition and a large capacity magazine were also found. Cops hit the 24-year-old Grammy winning rapper with 4 counts of criminal possession of a weapon, possession of a large capacity ammo feeding device and unlawful possession of that device. However, the charges against Roddy were dropped.



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