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Alabama Barker’s New Rap Venture Ignites Passionate Debate on Cultural Appropriation

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Travis Barker’s teenage daughter, Alabama Barker, is being dragged for a controversial rap video she posted on TikTok. Find out why folks are up in arms inside…

In a whirlwind of online controversy, Alabama Barker, the 17-year-old daughter of rockstar Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, found herself at the center of a heated debate after sharing a TikTok video of her rapping to her new single.

With a bold, vibrant orange wig featuring a blonde streak and a full face of makeup, Alabama confidently mouthed along to lyrics that included lines like, "We ain't together, when I'm wit' him he know I'm the realest / I ain't no opposition, all these b*tches in their feelings."

She continued: "But listen who the f*ck y’all talking to / I’m Alabama, get to know me, I might sp*z on you / Treat me like your mama, drip me out in some designer / Ice me out like boy, I’m wildin’ / You know the type of energy, don’t treat me like it’s 10 to me / You better not be textin’, treat your exes like your enemies.”

Check it:

It wasn't her rhymes that caught the attention of viewers. Many fans couldn't help but notice a significant change in Alabama's vocals and accent as she spit her lyrics.

The response was swift, and most folks aren’t here for, what they dubbed, “black girl cosplay.” Some fans even dubbed her "Latto Lite." We can't.

“the funny thing about alabama barker is that she has nothing to be hood about. you are the child of celebrities & grew up wealthy, so this rap thing is mad weird like she’s cosplaying,” one person tweeted.

Check out more reactions below:



Unfazed by the criticism, Alabama confidently clapped back at her haters:

“Be your self girl,” someone commented. “Oh trust me I am I’m gonna keep making everybody mad,” Alabama responded.

“Can y’all just explain how she tryna be someone else? Cus I don’t see it,” another fan wrote. “I swear,” the aspiring raptress responded.

A fan mentioned her hair was giving throwback Keyshia Cole vibes, and she said that was the inspo.

Do you believe Alabama Barker's artistic choices border on cultural appropriation? Share your thoughts!

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