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'LAHH' Stars Bambi, Erica Mena & Zellswag ARRESTED After Wild Brawl With Security At ATL Club, Saucy Santana Blames Erica - MUGSHOTS RELEASED!

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It's not a weekend in Atlanta without foolery popping off amongst its reality stars.  This time, "Love & Hip Hop" stars Erica Mena, Bambi & Zellswag ended up brawling with security at the club and getting ARRESTED.  And Erica's getting all the blame.  Deets inside.


The two newest divorceés Erica Mena & Bambi, along with Zellswag, were all partying together Friday night at Lucca Lounge in Buckhead when things went awry deep into the night.

According to reports, for some reason or another, the trio got into it with some patrons, then security got involved and it escalated, turning into a wild brawl.  TMZ reports:

Erica Mena and Bambi Richardson -- of 'L&HH: Atlanta' fame -- were taken to jail alongside 'L&HH: Hollywood's' Zellswag ... where they all posed for mug shots and got booked on a slew of charges, ranging from obstruction of law enforcement to battery on a police officer.

Mena is the only one being charged with attacking a cop, BTW ... Zellswag is facing a simple battery and obstruction charge, while Bambi was just charged with obstruction.

As for what the hell happened here, Atlanta PD says they got a call to respond to the Lucca Lounge Friday over a dispute between some patrons and the security guards ... and when they arrived, the officers claim all hell broke loose as they tried deescalating the situation.

APD claims the patrons -- who ended up being Mena, Bambi and Zell, plus a male pal of theirs -- became combative ...


Cops were called and all three were arrested for multiple charges - Erica with the most and the only one with battery of a police officer now on her rap sheet.  Their booking photos from Fulton County Sheriff's Office hit the net like it was the Trump Indictments all over again:

Click the thumbnails for their slate of charges:



As for Mr. Rodney Shaw aka Zellswag, his homie Saucy Santana was also there at the party and the rapper hopped on IG to set the record straight on Zell's behalf.

Santana says Zell wasn't fighting the girls, he was fighting FOR the girls, namely Erica since she was being bombarded by big security men.  Santana did also say Erica was to blame as she drank too much that night and was acting belligerent, which apparently caused the initial drama.

Santana says Zell (and Bambi too, according to the video below), were fighting off people to get off of Erica, so they were arrested too. 

The brawl video is in our video below, swipe to see it.  You'll also see in the video that Santana grabbed his Birkin and got TF outta dodge as soon as the brawl went down!  He says he didn't leave his friend hanging though.  He bailed Zell out Saturday morning.



Zell also posted afterwards, reposting his mugshot and then asking for privacy:


It seems Bambi got out at some point Saturday as well, seeing that she shared a pic from home showing her babies reading the bedtime story she wrote, Mommy, I Want To Go Home (and promoting it, of course).  And she says the title had a different meaning on that night:


Erica has been radio silent.

Photos: Instagram

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