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So I've finally moved in to my apartment in Houston. This move was much better than previous ones since this apartment provided me with a cart AND an elevator. SWEET! And why are my professors startin off CRUNK with all these reading assignments due DAY 1 (Tuesday). Silly me thinking they would ease us back in to things. Anywho..moving's still a tiresome effort so this post may be a little shorter than usual....

Here's some pics of D-Child backstage at their last show in Vancouver:

Still Keepin it Movin…

Thanks to the MANY of you that sent me Kerry Washington photos with her fiance David. They'll be posted soon. 'Preciate it. Lots of gossip to drop...so keep up:

Beyonce back in February

The Good Life

Now I don't always watch MTV's My Super Sweet 16 reality show...but I just had to watch this episode with Bjorn. Did ya'll see this mess? The show is usually about some spoiled rich white chick becoming a party nazi because she wants her party to be the most lavish thing ever. Instead they had on a spoiled rich black dude that referred to himself as a "divo". And yes....he was very serious. As were his parents. Now ya'll know black parents don't play this mess....

Laughs and Cosmos

Folks are takin notice ya'll! I'm excited to announce that I'm being interviewed for one of the top hip hop websites-Thabiz.com-about YBF. I'll keep ya'll posted on when the interview will be up. On to the gossip:

The 2005 BET Comedy Awards were taped tonight. Ya'll know the drill...let's check out the red carpet for the drama:

Secrets, Secrets

Before I kick off this post...just want to let all my fab readers, fellow bloggers, and website hosts in on a lil money-saving secret: You know you need/want a professionally made banner, logo, or graphics to pub your site with. P. Graphics and Designs is ultra fabulous for a VERY low price. There's nothing else like it. You'll be amazed. Contact Lyndon Pryor of P.

The Fabulous World of Hip Hop

The Hip Hop Honors Awards went down last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. I'ma leave out the pics from the actual show so not to spoil it for ya'll that are gonna watch it. Now ya'll know how I feel bout awards shows...so let's check out the "red carpet" (it was actually beige)...


Rita is actin the fool ya'll. Please evacuate and go somewhere if you live in southwest LA or southeast Texas or on the La/Tex border. Trust me...being out of some money cuz you erred on the side of caution is always better than the alternative. Now on to the gossip:

Pics of folks with their makeup and hair teams on strike.