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Call 911 Snitches!


*POLICE DOCUMENT INSIDE* Nicki Minaj Hit In The Face With A Suitcase By "Unidentified Male"

As Nicki Minaj spent her morning denying reports that she was hit in the lower lip by a mystery male in their hotel room in Dallas over the weekend, the police report has just been unveiled.  And as we predicted it proves a physical altercation indeed took place.


Check out what really went down and the police report inside...


Nicki Minaj PUNCHED By A Man At Dallas Hotel....Claims They're Not In A Relationship...And She's NOT Pressing Charges!

Something ain't sounding all the way right.  Nicki Minaj was allegedly punched in the lower lip by a man after a hostile argument at a Dallas hotel yesterday.


And she's NOT pressing charges for some reason.  Deets inside....



This ish couldn't get any more literal.  Rihanna was on fire tonight as her Nivea sponsored LOUD tour rolled into Dallas. And we're not talking about her sexy performances.

Hours ago, Rihanna was rushed off during her performance as a FIRE broke out on stage!  Our exclusive deets inside....


HERE WE GO AGAIN: Sara Stokes Of Da Band Gets Choked Out By Her Husband!

It's 2 and a half years later, and these two are still going Ike & Tina Turner hard.  Remember Sara Stokes of Diddy's "Da Band"?   Her husband Tony recently got arrested for domestic violence.  After Sara was arrested 2.5 years ago for the same.


Deets on how Sara got choked out when you read on...

FIGHT NIGHT: VIDEO of Dominique Wilkins Punching Out Assailant Courtside!

Dominique Wilkins is obviously NOT one to play with. We reported earlier today about a former NBA ref and suit store owner who attempted to attack Mr. Wilkins after last night's Hawks game. Now the video footage is out and it shows how Mr. Wilkins punched homeboy OUT.

The shouldn't-be-hilarious-but-is video footage when you read on...

O SNAP! An Angry Chris Brown Goes Berzerk After "GMA" Interview?!

We're REALLY hoping this isn't true...or at least that it isn't what it seems.  Reports are flying that Chris Brown stormed out of his "Good Morning America" interview with Robin Roberts this morning after she pressed him about his legal issues surrounding the Rihanna incident.


Chris allegedly freaked out, stormed into his dressing room and started screaming, got into it with a producer, smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered onto the ground below.  It's supposedly why he ripped his shirt off and ran out of the ABC studios.  Pics and details when you read on....

Serena Williams Out & About, Discusses Her Embolism & Medical Drama

Serena Williams was spotted heading into a medical building in L.A. yesterday.  It's her first outing since she went out partying at the Oscars right after her embolism.  But because she suffered a large hemotoma on her leg after being on blood thinners, she's been remaining home for about a week now.


We've got pics of her outing, plus her "skyped" in appearance on "The Today Show" yesterday, when you read on...