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Call 911 Snitches!


UPDATES: Brandy, Jamie Foxx & The Roots

Brandy is speaking out about her farse of a marriage to producer/her daughter's father Robert Smith when she was pregnant with Sy'Rai.  She says to Us Weekly: "I lied because of the fear of what people would think and the pressure to be a good role model," Robert confirmed this years ago and everyone pretty much knew it from jump.  She's about 6 years too late.   But her album is about to drop so maybe not.

R. Kelly's Nephews Shot & Suspects In Armed Robbery!+Adrienne Bailon's Naked Pics Stolen!

R. Kelly's two nephews Brayel and Brandon Kelly have been taken in as suspects in a Chicago barbershop armed robbery attempt.  15 year old Brayel was shot twice in the abdomen/chest in the process and is now in intensive care.  Here's what went down: Calumet City police told MTV News that one of the two boys went into a barbershop and requested a haircut. After receiving his haircut, he allegedly tried to rob the barbershop owner by producing a weapon and demanding that the owner place his money and jewelry in a plastic bag. The man complied but also produced his own weapon. Police say the suspect fired, and the victim returned fire. The owner later told police that he believed he hit the robber. Before responding to the armed-robbery call, police responded to a call two blocks away, where they found a juvenile who had been shot in the back. Brayel's older brother, Brandon, was arrested and police are investigating whether he acted as a lookout.
Wow.  Brayel and Brandon are Carey Kelly's (R. Kelly's brother's) teenaged sons. Carey told reporters that he believes his sons were the victims of the attempted robbery, not the perpetrators, since there is a widespread belief that the more famous Kelly had shared his wealth with his family. "People have tried to rob us," Carey told Chicago's WLS-TV. "They think we got money. ... That's R. Kelly money, that's not our money." Apparently R hasn't been close to his nephews ever since a falling out with the family. News on Adrienne Bailon's stolen naked pics when you read the rest...

Katt Williams ARRESTED....Again!+Rihanna Faints On Stage!

Apparently Rihanna got really sick on stage in Australia earlier today. She was performing Umbrella, had just come down from flying around on a harness, then hunched over and signaled that she was not ok after she hit the stage. Chris Brown had already come out to sing with her. Rihanna ran off stage, Chris finished the song, then ran to her side. She was rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital. The concert ended with no word on Rih Rih's status.

In Case You Missed It: Isiah Thomas, Beyonce, Barack, Musiq, Soulja Boy, Sasha Fierce

Isiah Thomas has been rushed to the hospital this afternoon for an apparent drug overdose.  It has been reported that he overdosed on about 10 Lunesta sleeping pills.  He is reportedly doing fine now but it was a serious situation for a while.  Isiah was fired from being the NY Knicks head coach back in April thanks to all those sexual harassment charges.  Get better soon Isiah.

Here's Beyonce's brand new promo video where she admits--verbatim--that she's married and a changed woman. And Beyonce's people have put out a press release about her new album I Am...Sasha Fierce.  And it's confirming everything we've been reporting:

Music World Music/Columbia Records is releasing I Am… Sasha Fierce, the new full-length double album from the international superstar and cultural icon Beyoncé on Tuesday, November 18.

"The new record is a double album and has two covers, like a magazine would have two covers," Beyoncé revealed.  "One of the covers is named I Am… and the second cover is named Sasha Fierce.  That is my alter ego and now she has a last name.  I have someone else that takes over when it's time for me to work and when I'm on stage, this alter ego that I've created that kind of protects me and who I really am.  That's why half the record, I Am…, is about who I am underneath all the makeup, underneath the lights, and underneath all the exciting star drama.  And Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous side that comes out when I'm working and when I'm on the stage.  The double album allows me to take more risks and really step out of myself, or shall I say, step more into myself, and reveal a side of me that people only know me see."

Songs on Beyoncé's I Am… include "If I Were A Boy," "Halo," "Disappear," "Broken Hearted Girl," "Ave Maria," and "Satellites."  Beyoncé's Sasha Fierce performances include "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)," "Radio," "Diva," "Sweet Dreams," and "Video Phone."

B Season's in full effect.

More ish when you read the rest...

Janet Jackson Rushed To The Hospital!

Monday night, Janet Jackson had to cancel her tour stop in Montreal, Canada. Paparazzi sources on the scene say an ambulance rushed her to the nearest hospital at around 6.30pm last night. Unconfirmed reports suggest that she was too unwell to perform. At around 9:30pm, a black limo was seen bringing Janet back to her tour bus, and they then began moving on to the next venue.