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Say What?

So Usher says Chris Brown is his mini me. He told media sources that Chris dances and sings...just like he did and still does. I guess because no one else dances and sings other than Ursh. Here's what Ursh had to say:
"All of this young energy is great for the industry. Chris is the guy who dances and sings, which is a lot like I do and did as a young artist as well. If time serves us correctly, and artists are continuing to better themselves, then hopefully he'll follow the same path that I did."
I'm sure he meant it only as a compliment. Ok, no I'm not. You aint slick Ursh. More celebrity talk when you read the rest...

Do YOU Know Who's Gay In The Hip-Hop Community?+More News From Splitsville

It was only a matter of time. Industry executive Terrance Dean has written his tell all book giving a Who's Who in Gay Hip Hop Hollywood. Here's the synopsis: Everyone wants to know the truth about their favorite celebrities' heart's desire. Within the masculine culture of Hip Hop and Hollywood, there is a well-known gay subculture that industry insiders are keenly aware of but choose to hide. Terrance Dean worked his way up for more than ten years in the entertainment industry from intern to executive, and has lived the life of glitz and bling along with Hollywood and Hip Hop's most glamorous. With a family full of secrets and working in an industry founded on maleness -- where one's job, friendships, and reputation all depend on remaining on the down low and in hiding -- Dean writes a revealing account of the journey of coming out from hiding. Full of startling anecdotes and incredible true stories, Hiding in Hip Hop is not a traditional tell-all. A personal and poignant memoir, it is also one of the most provocative and honest looks at stardom and sexuality.
It's taking everything in me not to start a pool on the folks we all know are about to be outed. I can guaran-damn-tee that a few of your favorite rappers are sh*tting their pants right about now. They have 3 weeks to get their PR statements together. The book drops May 13th.
ONTD via Queerty
News from Splitsville when you read the rest...

Mos Def's Ex Wife Tells All+Top Model Chicks Dani & Jaslene Get Some Work

And yet another "tell all" is slated to hit a bookstore near you. Actually this ish loks quite bootleg so I'll be surprised if this ever even makes it to Borders. Alana Wyatt Smith, who married Mos Def last year in a very quick and secretive manner, is now writing a tell all book about her short lived marriage to him and her life. As if we even knew who this chick was before she married him. I reported last year that sources told me they were in the midst of a divorce, so I guess all was true. Here's a synopsis of her book: Breaking the Code of Silence: Alana Wyatt Smith Tells All chronicles the intense relationship and whirlwind marriage between a young woman and one of Hip-Hop's most beloved artists. An honest and open memoir, Wyatt tells her story of how her turbulent childhood, difficult teenage years and sometimes not-so-wise decisions aided in her development to become a devoted mother and a strong, independent woman. Controversial and straightforward, Breaking the Code of Silence holds no punches as Wyatt reveals how her glamorous lifestyle -envied by many wasn't always so fabulous. Part biography, part cautionary tale, Wyatt tells her story to educate and inspire others to be independent and remain true to themselves.
The thirstiness is at an all time high and I really wish chicks would just stop it. It's called a 9-5. Get one and please take a seat.

Candids & Randomness: Cassie, Solange, LaLa, David Banner, Wendy Williams, Terrance Howard, & Khia

Cassie and her Fiji water were spotted on the set of her new video for "Official Girl":
Forever Cassie
Hot look.

50 Cent vs. Alica Keys: Somebody's Pissy...

Erykah Badu On Making It In The Industry: "Do Some Ho Sh*t."

Erykah Badu was caught on vid telling the ladies how they can make it in the entertainment industry. Priceless ish. Loves her.
ONTD via Youtube

LaLa Still Loves Her Some Melo+Khia vs. Ms. Cherry On Miss Rap Supreme

So apparently yesterday's reports of LaLa telling the deputies that she wasn't coming to pick up her fiancé from jail were false. LaLa issued the following statement to People.com:
I want to make sure the public understands that I fully support my fiancé, Carmelo Anthony, and stand by him through this ordeal, I will always have his back and never refused to pick him up from the police station. In fact, they offered to bring him to me.
*blank stare* After all that, the fact that he was taken to "his Denver hotel room at the Ritz Carlton" (even when he lives in a house with his fiancé LaLa) was not explained. Whatevs. Good luck with that LaLa....