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Miss Jones v. MJB and Keyshia Cole....Again

So Keyshia Cole hit up Miss Jones in the Morning yesterday and it was the same ol same ol--she's not messing with Jeezy and she doesn't even know him like that (or his tongue even though it's been caught down his throat several times) and she wasn't talking about Jeezy in that new Essence article and she wants to keep her personal life private a

Confirmed: Rachel Roy & Dame Dash Pregnant!+Tell 'Em Why You Mad Khia

rachel-roy-and-dame-dash-pregnant.jpg Well well well. Looks like Rachel and Dame finally have something to really be happy about. Rachel confirmed to Style.com that she is indeed 3 months preggers with their second child together and she is hella excited:
Yep, [I'm] pregnant! "It's number two," she said. "And I am thrilled because number one, Ava, is the best thing in my life, and I have always wanted to have another little Ava—or Ava as a boy! So high fives all around!"
Sources tell YBF though that things haven't been all peachy in the Dash household for a while...esp. since Dame is rumored to be secretly kickin' it with a certain low laying celeb and NY socialite as of recent. And y'all know those two always looked paid to make appearances together. Maybe this baby will bring a real smile to their faces. Congrats to the couple.

Wait...Oprah Tapped A Married Man?

Oprah mistress How in the hell did I miss this?  See what happens when you're working AND trying to watch Lady O at the same time?  You miss O-bombs on her show like her divulging that she used to kick it with a married man.  So on Friday's show, Oprah had wives and mistresses on to discuss some "issues" Tyra style.  And women were divulging how and why they got involved with a

T.I. Covers Complex+Keyshia Cole & Trina Get Promo Happy+First Isaiah...Now Halle+Shar Gets It Poppin'

Clifford is all over the pages of the November issue of Complex mag: ti-on-complex.jpg ti-2.jpg ti-5.jpg Well if this and his lock down status don't bring a whole new meaning to American Gangster... 

Ja Rule Can't Pay His Bills+Is This Ya Chick Diddy?+Nas Is A Street Disciple+Celebs Hit Harley Davidson

ja-rule.jpg A nosey source who happened to be in the right place at the right time says that Ja Rule is not on his bill paying game. They sent YBF an e-mail about Ja's crdit card getting rejected at Staples yesterday. Apparently, he's not paying his bills over at the L.I.F.E. Foundation he started:
"Today 10/18 Ja rule sent members of his life camp group to Staples in New York. The order was only 55 dollars and the card was declined...his rep didn't understand why..."
Ja don't love the kids? Damn Ja. Let's get it together.

The Beautiful Life

Check out flicks from Alicia Key's new photoshoot: alicia-keys.jpg Definitely one of the best photoshoots I've seen of Alicia. Fabulous indeed.  

Foolywang Material: Ike Turner & Aubrey Madison

What in the crispy hell is going on here?:  
Aubrey Madison and Ike Turner  
The most famous wife beater ever is getting his own reality show with his ex wife Aubrey Madison.  Whoever is giving Ike Turner time to put his foolishness on tv needs to be slapped.  Aubrey and Ike called in to Detroit's FM 98 morning show to do an interview and