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Your Daily Dose Of Chrihanna

It's been a while since we've seen our fave BFF's with benefits, but Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted shopping it up on Melrose in Beverly Hills yesterday: Separately of course.  Rih Rih rocked those much coveted Balenciaga boots and Chris was looking quite yummy for the kid.     Rihanna had her brothers with her and Chris kicked it with his bodyguard.  Paparazzi sources on the scene tell us that the two purposely avoided being seen together and shopping on different blocks of the street.  but they surely chatted with each other almost the entire time on the cell.  Funny funny.   More pics when you read the rest...

Swizz Beatz Put No Money In The IRS Bank+Celebs Do FNMTV+MJB & Kendu Go To Dinner

Diddy, Cassie, Ne-Yo, Johnny Boy Legend, and LL all taped the finale of FNMTV yesterday to air tomorrow night: LOL at Cassie in the background probably waiting around for Diddy.  More pics from the taping after the jump.   And it looks like Swizz Beatz and his "estranged wife" Mashonda owe the IRS some serious change.  Actually it's $842,644.52 to be exact.  Damn!  And this IRS report all comes after Swizzy just came in at #13 on Forbes' Hip Hop Cash Kings list.  Somebody's lying around this piece.  And I doubt it's Uncle Sam.  Get it together peoples.   More pics from FNMTV and MJB and Kendu still on vacay when you read the rest...

Candid Fab: Kimora & Djimon, Vanessa Williams, LisaRaye (Again), & Don Cornelius

Kimora and Djimon had a date night at Da Silvano's restaurant in NY last night.  They looked laid back but fab while getting their cute couple on.   LisaRaye is sopping up the media attention with a biscuit.  She was spotted leaving Mr. Chow last night in L.A. looking way too happy for a woman who was allegedly airlifted to a Chicago hospital the other day according to some folks.  *side eye* As always, don't believe the make believe hype.  Chick isn't letting a damn thing or any domestic dispute kill her spotlight.  Clearly she took a page out of MiMi's book.  Her "candid" photoshoots are the best thing going for her right now.    Fab chick Vanessa Williams was spotted arriving to the Wendy Williams tv show yesterday.  Nice look for her.   And our 70 something year old Soul Train King was spotted leaving Mr. Chow last night as well in Hollywood: And is it just me...or does Don Cornelius always look like he just doesn't really know where he is these days?   He left Barbie at home this time around it seems.    More pics of all these folks when you read the rest...  

SPOTTED: Amerie & Her Boyfriend Out & About

Singer Amerie and her boyfriend/manager Lenny Nicholson were spotted grabbing coffee from the Urth Caffé in West Hollywood yesterday: Loving her laid back but still sexy look.  Th

Your Daily Dose Of Chrihanna

Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted this week kickin' it on the beach in Barbados and partaking in "friendly" water activities: Mmhmm. Hot.  Looks like the too are having lustyfun times on their vacay.  More pics when you read the rest...  

Evening S's & G's

Because I was sent these pics and just couldn't go without posting them for sh*ts and giggles:   Click pics for larger images   You know all those "candid cameras" hidden on the rides at amusement parks?  Well Nick and Mar

Nariah Continues To Celebrate Their Wedding+YBF Families Hit The Red Carpet

Clearly renting out Disney World, Magic Mountain, and whatever other amusement parks these two have hit up wasn't enough.  The sickenly happy newlyweds Nick and Mariah Cannon spent $125,000 this past weekend to have yet another wedding reception celebration in the Hamptons.  I assume my invitation got lost in the mail.  Again.  And dammit...we get it already.  You're married and you're in love and no one can stop your "vision of love".  Yada yada.   In other news, YBF families