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NIGHTCAP: Baby Nahla, Halle & Gabriel Hit The Streets

Halle, Baby Nahla, and Gabriel were spotted leaving the Calvin Klein store today on Madison Ave. and walking the streets of Manhattan: Awww. Is it just me or is Gabe even hotter with the shades and hat "disguise"? More pics when you read the rest...

Chris Brown: No Marriage For Me!

Chris Brown has put the kibosh on the engagement/marriage rumors about him and Rihanna.  Rih Rih has been sporting a suspiciously huge rock on her ring fingr as of late and many folks suspected C.

T.I. & Tiny Do Lunch+Celebs Do The Stand Up For Cancer Event+Pre-Party For Fashion Rocks!

T.I., Tiny, and some of their friends had lunch at Il Pastaio restaurant in Beverly Hills yesterday: T.I. was actually taking his own pics and videoing (not pictured) his QT with his people. Likely because a few months from now he won't be seeing them for a while. Looked like fun times at lunch though. And celebs also hit up the Pre-Fashion Rocks Party: One of our fave ANTM rejects Eugena was there with fellow reject Giselle.  I'm convinced Giselle has a secret... Oh Miss Jay. And Teyana Taylor was there rocking a new look. Lots more pics of all these folks when you read the rest...

Vivica gets DENIED At Fashion Week!+Usher Preserves His Sexy+Janet & JD Hit The Club

YBF sources on the scene at NY Fashion Week today caught Ms. Vivica Fox outside the BCBG Max Azria show.  And even though black hollywood (well, most of us) knows and loves Aunt Viv, apparently the other folks in Hollywood don't even know who she is.  As folks were being let into the show past the velvet ropes underneath the Bryant Park tents, the gatekeeper stopped the line right as Vivica was about to sashay past the ropes and to the front row.  Vivica was not even confirmed to attend this show, and she was told she wasn't getting in because it was too full and clearly no one around the tents even knew who she was.  Denied! When she tried to explain that she is Ms. Vivica Fox, the gatekeeper looked at her like she was speaking Greek.  Meanwhile, one of the stylists from her new "Glam God" show got in with no prob just minutes earlier.  Now that's a slap in the face. The photogs on the scene caught Viv looking extra shocked and salty, but I'm told she didn't act a fool on their asses.  She was asked after the show had started if she wanted to come in and stand around the back, and she bitterly turned it down and watched in the tent lounge on closed circuit tv.  Damn.  Times are rough for 50's exes these days.       Um...is that you Ursh?  More pics of Usher showing us he got his Confessions sexy back when you read the rest...  

So Stedman IS Still Alive?

Don't know about y'all but I've been wondering where Mr.

Candid Coupledom

Couples were spotted everywhere this weekend: Kimora and Djimon hit up LAX to fly to NY this weekend likely to get a jumpstart on Fashion Week. But y'all already know KiKi's divatude was in full effect...yet again...while she tried to get her sh*tload of luggage through security. Paparazzi sources on the scene say she got all pissy because TSA was taking some time getting her way over the legal number of bags through security. And she kept asking "What's the problem?" like the rules weren't supposed to apply to her. She better include that Russey's private jet in her divorce papers if she wants to keep this mess up. Kim and Reggie are spending Labor Day weekend in L.A. while her sisters are partying it up in Vegas. Loving Kim's Louboutins. And we've finally spotted Gary Dourdan's girlfriend he's supposedly all extra smitten over: She's some "model chick"...surprise, surprise...who Gary has been crazy over and supposedly even proposed to her.  She went to Germany with him while he's there to film his new movie "Fire". More pics of these folks when you read the rest...  

Chrihanna Looking To Shack Up?

The rumor mill is spinning with word that Rihanna and Chris Brown are set to buy a L.A.