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What's Really Hood Busta & Laurie Ann?+Deelishis Is Getting Married!

Well here's a couple interesting pics of Laurie Ann Gibson and Busta Rhymes on the post-VMA red carpet: Should we send out a new couple alert? They're looking mighty cozy. And I don't know about y'all but I don't know many females who would be thisclose to dragon mouth Bussa Buss (according to Diddy) unless she was letting him tap that. Just sayin'... Deelishis, b.k.a. London Charles, is officially engaged to her man Orlando Gordon and she's dishing about the proposal and the upcoming wedding. And her new step-daughters to be. More pics and the article about his proposal and their upcoming wedding when you read the rest...

Halle & That Ring Again...

There goes that damn ring again.  Halle B. was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills today rocking a helluva lot of diamonds on that fourth finger left hand.   And this isn't the first time that particular ring has been on that particular finger.  Methinks Ms. Halle is reneging on her statement about never marrying again.  And if her baby's daddy Gabe is making her that happy...I'm not even mad.

Diddy & Cassie ENGAGED!?+Danity Kane & Bow Wow Do FNM+The Do Gooders

Star magazine is reporting that Diddy and Cassie are now telling the people close to them that they got engaged last month.  According to Star: "He told everyone to keep it extremely quiet because he didn't want it to get out, but you could tell he was excited," says a source. "Diddy said they hadn't set a date yet, but he wanted his family to hear the news first." Apparently he popped the question at Justin's eigth grade graduation on June 5th.  This is all very interesting since a couple weeks ago Cassie herself said they broke up.  Maybe they were engaged last month and that's the break up Cassie was speaking of.  Or maybe they have made up.  Or maybe all this ish is wrong.  Either way, I'm just passing on the news.  And again, pick up your face Kim Porter.    UPDATE: Reps for Diddy and Cassie say this is a complete fabrication and they are NOT engaged.   Danity Kane and Bow Wow were hit up MTV's FNM taping last night as DK is featuring their new "Bad Girl" video tomorrow night.   More pics when you read the rest...

Morning Swexy+A Nariah Update

Essence Magazine is featuring the Do Right Men in their upcoming issue.  And here are a few of the celebs featured:

The fineness that is Lamman Rucker.  And trust me ladies, after spending some time with him this weekend in New Orleans, he's just as hot in person and a sweetheart. 

ATL Falcon Ovie Mughelliis featured.  Looking like chocolatey goodness.

Jaheim is a feature.

And Eva's man Lance Gross is featured as well.  All the men (celebs and non celebs) featured are single (meaning unmarried) and sexy and doing great things for their communities and professions.  Check out Essence.com to vote for your fave. An update with Nariah when you read the rest...

Nightcap: Beyonce Spotted On The Set Of Obsessed+Jill Scott's Engaged!

Beyonce was spotted on the set of her new movie Obsessed in L.A. with Idris Elba:

It's a thriller movie and is due out February of next year.  Beyonce is playing "Beth Charles" *side eye at "Beth"* and Idris is playing "Derek Charles".  Anyways,  I guess this is why she's been in L.A. so much recently. More pics and news on Jill Scott's engagement when you read the rest...

What's Really Hood In Sports & Hip-Hop Today?

It's Shaq vs. Kobe round....whatever.  Shaq hit the stage in true "Shaq Fu" form last night in the NYC to tell Kobe why he's really mad.  He says in his freestyle "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced."  Peep the video.  But now Shaq's saying it was just a freestyle and it was just a "song". These two have been at odds since Kobe made that smart ass remark during his Colorado "alleged" rape fiasco a while back saying "Should have done what Shaq does ... Shaq would pay his women not to say anything." I'm not co-signing on cheating or anything, but that is mad b*tchassness right there to snitch on another man who has nothing to do with your charges at hand.  I'm just sayin'... More news on Foxy Brown and Rick Ross' engagement, Ice-T, DMX and Nate Dogg's arrests today:

Kimora Lee & Djimon Are "Kind Of" Engaged