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Foolywang Material


Weekend Foolishness+Celebs Do Fashion Week+Left Eye's New Album

So Pretty Ricky hit up the re-opening of Karu and Y nightclub in Miami last night with fab publicist Jessyka Phorbes: These dudes look broker and broker everytime I see them.  Especially the Trey Songz knock off.  They need to stop it.  Actually, everyone involved in the above pic needs to stop. In other foolywang news, Traci Bingham was spotted at some event looking a nipply mess: WTF is this?  The dress went from bad to worse.  Chick looks like she's going to a mexican tranny fiesta.  I just can't. More ish when you read the rest...

Somebody PLEASE Come Get Amy Foolywanghouse+Chrihanna Kicks Off Their Clothing Lines

Rihanna and Chris Brown are both ready to kick off their new clothing lines. According to Women's Wear Daily: RIHANNA is set to follow in the footsteps of fellow pop star GWEN STEFANI and launch her own clothing range. The Disturbia singer, who is a frequent front-row guest at runway shows, has confirmed she is working on her own designs. The sexy star has already dabbled in the accessories industry - she put her name to a range of umbrellas earlier this year (08) to coincide with her international hit of the same name. She tells fashion publication WWD, “I can’t say when it will be released, but it’s definitely going to happen. I’m not one to rush into anything. I want to take my time.” Earlier this year (08), Rihanna hinted she was pondering a fashion line, saying, “There might be a clothing line on the horizon, maybe underwear.” The star has also previously teamed up with retail chain H+M to design a range of casualwear as part of the Fashion Against Aids campaign. And Chris just launched his own line of underwear called Big Headed. Pun intended. According to reports: Big Headed Boxers has started a trend not only with its name, but what it stands for. Comfort and quality is the key to the success of Big Headed Boxers. With attention to every fine detail, Big Headed Boxers are made to not rise up, allowing you to let loose and enjoy yourself. Literally! When asked about the success of the line, Keith Davis, chairman and founder of Big Headed Boxers says, “We created Big Headed Boxers to give every individual confidence when wearing our product. Not having to wear another man’s name on your boxer’s is a key component behind the branding of Big Headed Boxer’s. It’s all about you!” Um, ok. Pics of foolywang material Amy Winehouse when you read the rest...

Foolywang Material: Fox's Reality Awards+Papa Joe

The Fox Reality Awards went down this week and look WTF showed up: Chance, Real, and their tangy ass cousin really need to cut it out.  Like yesterday. Poprah from "I Want To Work For Diddy" hit the red carpet.  I really want her to choose a better color next time. And look who was spotted working at Mickey D's for a day: Papa Joe!  While his daughter Janet is sexing it up on stage all over the country on tour, he was participating in the McDonalds Aids Charity event.  That hair.  I can not take it.  Now I see where Jermaine and co. get their waxy boyish looks... More foolishness when you read the rest...

Candid Fab: Wendy Williams, J.Lo, Chris Tucker, & Miss Jay

The queen of the hot tranny messes Wendy Williams was spotted at the Newsroom on Robertson Blvd in LA having lunch yesterday: Her show has been off the air this week and will resume Thursday I hear.  I guess this is her "vacay time".  Oh Wendy.  Why or WHY do I love this chick's trannyliciousness? Chris Tucker was spotted having a conversation with a crackhead: OK that was mean.  She's actually matching her vest to her shoes so maybe she's not fully on crackhead status just yet.  I can only imagine how that convo went though. More pics when you read the rest...

Foolywang Material

Shaq and Shaunie O'Neal hit the streets of NY after shopping it up at Barney's yesterday: And yes, Shaq claims he bought his new "hat" at Barney's and he asked everyone did they like it.

Old School Drama+WTF Material Starring Pretty Ricky

Look at this WTF/foolywang material in the new issue of VIBE: It's one of those Pretty Ricky boys (I think his name is Baby Blue but I honestly refused to spend more than 30 seconds googling those boys to really find out). VIBE needs to cut it out.

Tangy Talley Strikes Again!

It was a typical Fashion Week Day at the Bryant Park tents.  Celebs like Venus Williams  walking to the next show, paparazzi everywhere, and Tangy f'in Talley spotted rocking his open toed velvet Aladdin slippers and his murse.  Cut it out Andre.  
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