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Foolywang Material


Old School Drama+WTF Material Starring Pretty Ricky

Look at this WTF/foolywang material in the new issue of VIBE: It's one of those Pretty Ricky boys (I think his name is Baby Blue but I honestly refused to spend more than 30 seconds googling those boys to really find out). VIBE needs to cut it out.

Tangy Talley Strikes Again!

It was a typical Fashion Week Day at the Bryant Park tents.  Celebs like Venus Williams  walking to the next show, paparazzi everywhere, and Tangy f'in Talley spotted rocking his open toed velvet Aladdin slippers and his murse.  Cut it out Andre.  
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The 2008 VMAs Red Carpet Foolywang Material

It was slim pickings for Best Dressed...and here's why: This negro T-Pain rolled up to the VMAs on an elephant...which had a T-Pain bedazzled diamond chain around its neck.  And some hood mimes, stilt folks, and other circus acts were on the sides.  Double boo. Pure tomfoolery. Seriously Fat Man Scoop?  No, for real?  Wearing your draws on your Youtube show with your wife is one thing, but this ish right here will caused you to get slapped. More foolywang material when you read the rest...

Once Again Suge...This Is NOT Gangsta.

So Marion "Suge" Knight hit up Rain nightclub in Vegas the other night: And it took no time for this dude to display public drunkeness...just asking for his second arrest in a matter of days.  Why couldn't he open up his eyes in nan one of these pics?  Partygoers say he w

Exclusive: Laverne Cox Goes Wild...Again

Diddy's transvestite assistant wanna be Laverne Cox was a "hostess" at a Lucky Chengs in New York before she got casted on his "I Want To Work For Diddy" show.  And we posted pics a couple weeks ago of the pure foolywang material of her at her job.  And now we've got more exclusive pics from another night at Laverne's pre-Diddy job:

Somebody Come Get This Dude JoJo Hailey

WTF is going on here? K-Ci and JoJo performed in Sydney, Australia recently and JoJo straight fell out on stage during their "All My Life" performance. And no one came over to help this man!

Foolywang Material: Cheri Dennis & Traci Bingham

So Cheri Dennis hit up Baltimore's Stone Soul Picnic concert last weekend looking like this:   I guess she thought the pink and black strapless version of this dress was poppin' so why not rock the blue version with these hideous ass white boots.  Right Cheri?  Boo.
{Thanks Kels}