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Foolywang Material


So Deelishis, Trick Daddy, & Toccara Walk Into A Bowling Alley...

Yeah it sounds like a joke but this ish is true:

Damn Trina....looks like somebody's trying to take your spot underneath Trick Daddy's sweaty ass armpit.

Folks hit up the Swagga Entertainment and Dunk Ryder Records Private Bowling Party at Lucky Strike in Miami ths weekend. And as usual with events like this, I'm left with several questions in my head.  Like, why is Deelishis the only one rocking a bikini and beach gear?  Why did she think said bikini and beach gear were ok to rock? Has Trick Daddy bathed yet?  Is Toccara's bra on display because it simply just can't hide? These questions and others may get answered when you read the rest...

Oh Hells No Pretty Ricky.

Foolywang Material: Lil Kim & Co.

Young Joc and Lil Kim hit up Club Crush in Charlotte this weekend.  They were celebrating her 37th birthday.  Aside from me wondering if Kim and Joc are the newest publicity sluts to enter into coupledom, someone please explain why this chick never feels air on her nipples?:

{Click pic for NSFW pic}
Maybe the silicone takes away the sensation. 

 I mean...what's really hood Joc and Kim Ho Chi Min? Things are just looking mad....unright in these pics. Ew. More foolishness when you read the rest...

Tocarra & Naomi Do Italian Vogue+Khia Brings The Foolywang Material

Just as we reported a while back that this current issue of Vogue Italia is the All Black issue featuring some of the most fabulous models in the world, check out Naomi Campbell and Tocarra's pics from the issue:

Pure fabulousness.  Lots more pics of both ladies and pn the set with Khia when you read the rest....
Some pics NSFW

Foolywang Material: Wendy Williams & Pepa

I don't like calling folks a hot tranny mess but...

Wendy Williams was spotted with her infamous hubby Kevin stopping at a Solstice boutique before she went off to rehearsals for her new talk show.  Y'all know she had to cop some shades to cover up those bruises from when she "fell" or from when Kevin "accidentally" collided his fist with her face.  Let me stop...

I honestly can't even put my finger on what makes this chick foolywang material but dammit that was just my first thought when I came up on these pics.  I do know I all of a sudden have an urge to host a steel cage match.  I want to put life size Barbie's blonde lacefront wig in the middle of the ring and see who would survive between Wendy and Tyra in a fight to get the wig. More pics of Wendy and Pepa's foolish outfit when you read the rest...

Foolywang Material: Erykah Badu

I loves me some Erykah and all, but this sh*t (literally because that's what it looks like) she's rocking on the top of her head as of late is not ok:

B*tch Please Tiffany Pollard

New York Goes Hollywood Promo Pic