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Foolywang Material


BET Awards Foolywang Material

Here's the looks we were not feeling on tonight's BET Awards Red Carpet:


Keri Hilson looked like she was about to hit up Studio 54 in the hood in this silver sequins pantsuit.  Not loving the look.  You're too fab for this Keri.

And of course Kim Ho Chi Min hit the carpet with her Barbie Doll lacefront nice and fresh.  And the Marc Jacobs designed LV bedazzled purse was just not the business.  The dress itself is pretty hot but the all around look on Ms. Kimmy is just....yeah. More of the ish we did not love straight off the BET Awards red carpet when you read the rest...

Foolywang Material: Luenell


Your Daily Dose Of Kim Kim

Our favorite rapper turned Asian doll was spotted last night at R&B Live’s One-Year Anniversary at Spotlight Live in the NYC:

Weekend Foolishness

WTF is wrong with your breastisis Star?:

Suge...This Is Not Gangsta.

Violence is never the answer. With that said...these pics are some of the craziest ish I've seen and I feel bad for falling out laughing at first glance. Ok...only half bad. But anyways, the ever present TMZ copped even more pics of Suge Knight looking like the Jolly Black Giant who just got knocked the f**k out after his altercation this weekend outside an L.A. nightclub. More possibly NSFW pics when you read the rest... UPDATE: Here's the dude who knocked out Suge:

He's a barber in LA who owns his own barber shop. Apparently he's only 5'10" and weighs 173 lbs. Suge stands 6'3" and tips the scales at 315 lbs. Damn homie.

Friday Foolywang Material+More Quotes From Chris Brown

House of Damnitstillwrong just won't stop. Now Beyonce and Mama Tina are trying to bedazzle your kids:

Head Over Heels
Apparently the Knowles clan is expanding HOD into a whole new kids line. It's all kinds of wrong going on in this ad.  And I'm mainly talking about the clothes themselves.  And to think...after I saw the "Dereon Dancers" (real talk) at the Nets game last month, I thought the foolishness had peaked and would come to an end. Damn. More foolishness when you read the rest...

Shaq Is Assed Out...Literally+These Kardashian Chicks CAN'T Be Serious & Diddy Talks Notorious

So Shaq decided to moon the camera whole he was in somebody's studio recently so we could see his jolly black giant ass. Peep the vid.